Monday, August 1, 2011

A Lucille Ball Kind of Day

Sunday 7/31/2011

I set the sprinkler for the front of the porch and went to the barn to milk.

I bottled yesterday's milk and skimmed a cup of cream and bottled it separately.

Milked Willow. The calf followed her up the ramp into the barn!....we reversed him back down the ramp. If there was room for him in the stanchion, it might be a good idea for letdown. I might move him forward into the next stanchion. Interesting thought. Of course, she(the baby) will never come up the ramp again

I checked the garden and cut a few more tall weeds from the driveway bed. The melons are growing rapidly.

This is the Green Nutmeg. Still keeping my fingers crossed the borers don't find it.

There were a few beetles on the okra so I sprayed. I also harvested enough to finally fry some. I will do that tomorrow. Pulled some over-ripe cucumbers off the vines. Still no raccoon caught.

I checked over the onions curing in the shed and found 3 or 4 that were beginning to go bad so I brought them in the house. After cleaning them off, I decided to saute them with some garlic and make a small batch of spaghetti sauce. I added a little hamburger and about ¼ pound of sausage, browned it and added some tomatoes and seasonings. I let it simmer in my electric sauce pot while I made Ilene's Hot Milk Sponge Cake.

I made a new salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and onions with poppy seed dressing. I got the idea and recipe for the dressing from Carolyn at Krazo Acres

It was delicious and so simple.

Dessert was the cake with some of my blackberry topping I made for the yogurt.

What I didn't tell you was that I had one of those days...............a sort of Lucille Ball day.

First, while making the cake the metal (note: metal is key here) measuring cup slipped out of my hand in fell into the batter. It slung the remaining sugar all over that corner of the kitchen! Second and the worst thing was the cup lodged between the mixer blade and the bowl. I turned it off immediately but it was too late. I must have bent the shaft because now it turns but makes a noise. So, I will be ordering a new mixer sooner rather than later. This was Mom's very old KA mixer that only had two speeds left, very slow and high. I have made too many batches of bread with it. I have all her attachments so I will get the KA Pro 600 series. I just cringe when I buy anything new these days.

Event No. 2.

I decided to freeze all those blueberries. I knocked a full pint off the counter top and those little lids that are so darned hard to open, flew open and spilled the berries all across the floor. Needless to say they rolled like B B's . I had DH help me pick them up one at a time. The only good thing was I had just cleaned the floor.

No. 3.

I have coffee in one hand and my dish of dessert in the other on my way to the computer (yes, I eat at my desk often), and the sweeper cord just grabbed my foot and I almost fell forward on my face.
I missed that one thankfully. DH was sitting at the table and he just shook his head and looked at me.

I have these kinds of days once in a while and should just quit and go back to bed when they start.

At the end of the day, I called my Sis. I knew she would understand. She has these days too! Maybe it runs in the family. She is my go-to person for sympathy and understanding plus she just bought the KA Pro 600 and I wanted to see how she liked it. She does.


  1. Wow you really did have an exciting day! At least you didn't catch your nose on fire like I have seen Lucy do.

  2. That was a day to remember wasn't it? Glad they were just mishaps and no one was hurt. I guess the decision to buy the mixer now was made for you.

    That salad both looks and sounds delicious. I like trying new salads in the hot weather. Anything to keep from heating up the kitchen.

    I hope you rinsed those blueberries off and froze them. I know I would have.

  3. Your day sounds like a typical day for me!
    It just makes life interesting, doesn't it?

    That salad looks delicious!

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  4. Bless your heart, what a day! Know that makes you sick about your Mom's old KA mixer, but like you said it only had two speeds left. You will use the new one and enjoy it so much. I have a basic KA that Jerry got for me several Christmas' ago and love it. I did order the dough hook and whip so it serves my purposes well. Can just imagine the mess in your kitchen with sugar and then the blueberries and glass. Girl, you deserve to have a string of some good luck after that doozey of a day!

  5. Omigosh what a day. And yet look at all what you got done in spite of all the accidents! Your pictures are just stunning - I swear I could put either the salad pic or blackberry pic for my desktop background, but then I'd probably be hungry all day. LOL

    Well, thank goodness no one was hurt (well, there's the KA - sorry) and nothing caught on fire.... :-D

    As for me, good day for is when I don't have to grab bandages.

  6. I LOVE my KA pro series mixer. Adore it.

    I had a similar day yesterday..maybe something is in the air!

  7. I have days like that lately, too. I blame it on the heat!! Gads, it's hot!! The salad looks very good, I'll have to try that dressing recipe. I need to get some poppy seeds. The dessert looks yummy too, but we're trying to cut back on the sweets since hubby's heart attack. It's hard to do, we both have a sweet tooth. Stay cool and have a good day tomorrow!

  8. Your salad looks cool and inviting on these hot, hot days.

    Here is hoping for an uneventful day for you!!

  9. Seems like I spill a lot, too. I think the worst mess I ever made was when I had a glass of hot water with beef bouillion and a package of gelatin in it (I was dieting and trying to grow nice fingernails as well, this was back in the 1970's). It was on the counter and I raised my arm to open a cabinet and caught the glass with my elbow. The glass fell over, spilled the gelatinized brown liquid all down the front of the cabinets, into one of the drawers and on the floor. It took hours and hours to get all the slime cleaned up.

    That melon looks really pretty. It's 114 here today and the wind is blowing.