Friday, August 5, 2011

Well, we have had some early morning relief in the weather. Yesterday we got a little shower before daylight and it was overcast until noon; same today except we got 1/2 inch of rain! Sun is out now and it will be a hot one but not as bad as previous days.

I have had a busy few days.

Milking as usual each morning.

I made 14 oz. of butter from a quart of cream from two milkings,

I made mozzarella from l gallon of milk. I do the 30-minute microwave version.
It turned out great but next time I will let the milk age overnight or longer for a sharper flavor.

I made the two rustic shaped loaves of bread:

and canned 2 quarts of tomato juice.

The next day I decided to really clean the kitchen. Remember the sugar fiasco? I knew there would still be some behind things on the counter-top. First I took everything off the counter and cleaned it really good, even using a formica polish after. Then I swept and mopped the floor. I decided to remove the throw rugs and leave the wood floors bare. We both like it better that way. Maybe if I could find some bright kitchen rugs without rubber backing........I hate the backing. I was happy to find the ceiling fan was nice and clean. I am being much better with cleaning all of them on a regular basis and it wasn't due.

I skipped one day checking the garden and this morning found what I think are striped blister beetles all over two tomato plants and the peppers. I sprayed with Sevin. I wouldn't have known what they were if I hadn't seen them on a blog recently. Of course, it then rained right after I sprayed so I will hit them again this evening late. This is a first for me to have these beasties. I couldn't believe how much damage they had done overnight!

I picked the okra and enough tomatoes that I canned some. I have the rest in the barn to ripen a little more. They certainly aren't premium tomatoes but will be great this winter in soups, sauces and stews. I will freeze the okra. There were several that were too large and tough. I chopped them and tossed them in the food processor for the chickens.

That's a quart of milk that I have added some cultured store buttermilk to. I can now keep it going with just my milk for a starter.

In between some of that kitchen work, I also canned 5 pints of sauerkraut. I never did see it 'working' like they say it should, but it tasted sour so after three weeks I wanted it out of my way and canned it. It looks a little dark in the jars.

We got the tractor back from the shop and DH has mowed the east 20. The grass fires were worrying us; this morning he mowed the calf lot. They picked up the other tractor to work on the brakes.

All from my neck of the woods. We are looking forward to some cooler weather next week!


  1. Glenda, Glenda, made me tired just reading what you did! And I think I'm a busy beaver!!!....:)JP

  2. You got a lot done today!
    I'm very interested in how you made the mozzarella. Do you have a recipe you'd like to share?

  3. You do more in one day than I do in three. I love your table and chairs. They look wonderful with your hardwood floors.

  4. All of that looks so amazingly wonderful! I particularly like the photos of the mozzarella cheese, the bread and the tomatoes - YUM!

    Did you ever notice how when something like that happens that cleaning twice is so effective! Funny how that works.

  5. You remind me a lot of my SIL. We were at their place in Seymour yesterday and she had green beans and tomato juice canned and setting on her bar waiting for one of the kids to come get it. She said she told them she raised it, picked it, canned it but she wasn't taking it to them. She is one busy little beaver all the time-don't think there is anything she can't do or will try. A good cook and her house is always spotless. She is a couple of years older than DH and like a sister to me.

    Like your kitchen floor.

  6. You are amazing. The bread looks delish and butter too! That's all I need! I like your hardwood floors. Just looking at everything you do in a day makes ME tired.

  7. I hope they deliver on the 'cooler weather' promise. You deserve a break in that heat wave.

    I should try your microwave moz. Will you be posting your recipe? *hint*

  8. I need a loaf of bread and some of that butter to go with the pot of soup we're having for dinner! Thanks for the encouraging words this morning on my blog, I am just weary with all this heat and now I have a cold. Just not right!!! Glenda, tell me how long you let the milk to clabber. Do you use it for drinking or just cooking? Mom used to make buttermilk on the counter with dry milk, buttermilk and sweet milk but don't have a clue the measurements. I buy buttermilk every week for drinking and cooking so would love to know your secret. The kitchen looks clean as a whistle, you are way ahead of me!