Sunday, August 28, 2011

A baby sitting Weekend

Kittens that is.

My neighbor girl asked me to take care of her three baby kittens this weekend. It was a new experience for me. Bottle feeding baby kittens. They have been no bother; they are still at the sleep-most-of-the-day stage.

Not much else going on except they did deliver the rest of the hay. The hay man wants us to lime and fertilize and let him custom cut our hay next year for $18 a bale. I need to check into fertilizer and lime costs. We have about 80 acres we could cut for hay.....need to really put pencil to paper on this.
We are currently paying $30 a bale but the quality isn't top notch.


  1. Aren't those little sweetie pies? Bottle feeding? How often do you have to do that? You're a good neighbor.

    It will be interesting to see what the difference in cost is with the hay.

    I worked outside for about three hours this morning, even though the real feel temp was 101-103. I got a lot done in my shed's garden, plus in the area between my clothesline and the Gypsy Wagon. It felt good getting that much done. I've still more to do around the property, all in good time.

    Have a great week Glenda and thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Kittens are just too darn cute for their own good. I assume the bales are the big round bales instead of the small square ones for $30.

  3. The kittens are so cute. That is a really nice thing for you to do for the neighbor girl. Bottle feeding is a full time job.

  4. It's so dear how each kitten is cuddled up to another one. 'Hope you have a good day there. :)

  5. Can you take care of Ben, our Cocker Spaniel? He likes breakfast around 7AM, lunch can be light... turkey or a slice of bologna, and for dinner he prefers a heavier meal. He also sleeps most of the day, really just stand by the door and let him in, let him out!!! What do you say???

  6. Oh, kittens are so cute. I could just stare at them all day long!

  7. Cute box of kittens. We haven't had kittens around in a long time.

    Pulled a few weeds with lots more to go. The grass is growing like it is spring and so are the weeds! Never ending, but the price you pay for flower beds.

  8. $30 a bale...YIKES! But those kittens got me back to the important things...:)JP

  9. Awww, how sweet!! I just love kittens, especially the calicoes. I'd love to have one, but the Boss (Stormy) around here probably wouldn't allow it.