Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weeding - The Babies

I made a few changes in my daily plans.....I took care of Willow and the calves this morning. While they were nursing, I cut the weeds growing out of the concrete in the holding pen (calves home). When I turned her out, I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of them in the cool morning. They are shaded by the apricot tree. I took so many I decided to do a collage. If you look closely you can see the wet noses and them looking to their left watching Momma walk away.

Instead of coming straight in and starting the freezer drawer, I decided to get the mower and trailer out. I want to spray some fence rows and ditches so I loaded the 25-gallon sprayer and had DH load the battery so I could check it out before mixing the spray. All is running, so in the morning I will be ready to go early.

I always keep my tools ready in the trailer, so I grabbed the loppers and cut some tall weeds out of the Ramp bed. The clematis paniculata (yes, I know they don't call it that anymore, but I do!) is starting to open and it smells heavenly. It has received very little extra watering so it does very well in the heat and dry. I always have to cut it away from the gate. The Kieffer pear has a few but I don't know when to pick them. I know I do it while they are still hard and let them ripen inside, but when?

That is the calf pen in the background.

Cutting those weeds felt so good, I did an early attack on the poor bedraggled Driveway Bed. I haven't watered it once this year and you can certainly tell it.
I pulled most of the weeds here but did do some seedling trees and milk weed with the loppers. I am feeling very good about this. It is something I normally don't do until fall because things are still blooming.....not this year. I still have the west side of the bed to do.

Now I am inside and DH tells me he is out of chicken for the dog....and Tide! I need my Merle Norman makeup, so the freezer may have to wait.

I think I may be deliberately putting it off............

Here is another good drought plant and it comes up in lots of places all over the yard.


  1. I'll bet your hubby gives that new washer a workout. I tried to get Grampy to use the front loading washer we have but he says there are too many "bells and whistles". He liked the old top loader that only had three settings.

    I'll have to start sending you the Tide coupons I get. I have so much laundry detergent stocked up that it will last me for at least another year.

  2. What kind of plant is that? It is native or a "store bought" plant?

  3. I'm with Carolyn - what is that last plant?

  4. Dang! I labeled the photo and meant to do it here too.

    It is nicotiana sylvestris, aka flowering tobacco.
    It is an annual but comes up every year for me, sometimes in the strangest places.

    Don't either of you buy seeds. I can save tons. Just let me know.

  5. Thanks for all the pictures especially the one in the header of the farm. What a great looking place you have.

  6. Hi Glenda,
    I like your new header photo. Your calves sure look like sweeties! Your pears look so pretty on the trees. I can't help you with the time to harvest. You could pick one or two and see how they do, and then pick a couple more until you figure it out.

    I am thinking that the volunteer clematis I have is Sweet Autumn, and if it is, there is not room for it where it is growing. It has buds on it, so I will soon find out for sure. I wonder if my nicotiana sylvestris will seed itself.

    I hope the monarchs find your place next year.