Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just another day in the life......

It is overcast this morning but no rain so far. It is very iffy for us to get any. At least the clouds help with the temperature.

Helpmeet did the cow and calves this morning which was very nice because I was able to get out in the garden early.

I finally got turnips planted and am watering them as I type.
I harvested the okra again and two tomatoes. I found three more tomato horn worms. What voracious things they are!
My piggy back eggplant must be the hybrid eggplant 'Fairy Tale'. Mine isn't quite as striped as the catalog pictures and I see I picked some a little too short. They recommend two to four inches. Mine fall within that range but it seems four would be a better length. I plan to cook some for lunch and will let you know what we think.

The dwarf plant is hanging full,

God love okra. It thrives in this hot, dry weather. The tomatoes are almost non-existent. I finally found one for lunch and it has a bad spot on one side.

I tackled a few cleaning projects in the kitchen. The glass insets in the cabinet doors were past time of cleaning so I did them. My kitchen sink window is always bad so I did both the inside and the outside. I finally got smart and just hid a step stool behind a bush under the window so I can clean without dragging one from wherever I might have to go to find it.

I had to order a new washing machine yesterday......I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop after having all the farm machinery repairs. I told DH something in the house would quit .... and it did. The machine has been a workhorse for us for over 10 years. DH does laundry daily. He may have a nervous breakdown without a machine until Thursday or Friday! I just ordered sight unseen another stripped down model Whirlpool. I had the serviceman tell me the minimum to have on it. They tried to talk me into a Whirlpool owned brand that they had on the floor....repairman shook his head "NO" when I repeated that aloud. Whirlpool is the brand I try to stick with on washers and dryers and DW until I don't. Then I am always unhappy.

Early the next morning

We ended up with a very light shower and the the sun came out and it got pretty hot again.

Cooked the new eggplant. I thought it had a bitter whang. Of course, with our weather no plant will be its normal self. I don't think I will grow it again. I still can't find where I ordered the seeds....maybe a stray from Pine Tree?


  1. We've been having thunder & lightning just about all night, but not much rain.....maybe enough that I won't have to water until LATER this afternoon. Ugh. 100 degrees is the new norm around here.

  2. I love the color and shape of eggplant but have never liked the taste. I think it's somethng that has an acquired taste. Our windows are in need of a good cleaning. I'm hoping to get them done before bad weather. I thought our hot weather was gone but it's supposed to be 96 today.

  3. We are finally out of our several year drought conditions, and having our normal summer weather of thunderstorms just about every day.

    We're having so much rain that it is hard to get out to do any work in the gardens and it is turning into a jungle around here.

    I LOVE your header picture. Glad you were able to get out into your garden work early.

    Hope you get your new washing machine soon. We have a no nonsense/frills Maytag that we've had about 11 years now.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  4. We had quite the lightening show starting around 2 a.m. and over an inch of rain-always welcome.

    Eggplant is a pretty vegetable but I only grew it once and wasn't impressed. I have a few green tomatoes but they don't seem to be ripening very fast since the really hot, hot weather ended.

    I hear you on the kitchen window. I cleaned the inside the other day but now need to do the outside-badly.

  5. I'm not a fan of eggplant (or okra) myself. They always taste a little astringent to me.

    Hope the Whirlpool works out for you. And you are right, you have to keep looking out for the other shoe to drop. Hope the dryer is working!

    Monster thunder storms last night as the cold front moved through. I have never seen that much severe lightning and constant thunder shook the very ground. High winds to boot and almost 1.5" of rain. Lots of veg and tall flowers blown down. I'll have to pick a lot of green peppers from broken plants and freeze them for winter cooking.

  6. I love eggplant and yours are so pretty. Since you mentioned you always have so much of it, maybe you'd be willing to sell me some on down the road. I'll be moving to the Table Rock area after Labor Day!