Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Queen has arrived! Test Bread

We had another fairly decent day yesterday, but I didn't feel like doing anything outside, even milking; so, I didn't! Being a retired old person has its privileges....

She arrived in all her Styrofoam packed glory. I dropped everything and unpacked her and put her in her place of honor in the kitchen, the bake and work center, actually corner.

I love that I am familiar with everything but there is a slight learning curve involved....maybe....and I may just use it exactly like my old one.

I needed to make bread and tried my Sis's favorite recipe that uses mashed potatoes.
It was a very wet dough but I restrained myself from adding too much extra flour. I need to start weighing ingredients instead just measuring. The bread turned out great but wasn't a real test since it just made two loaves. I need to do a 12 cup recipe soon.

I read most of the afternoon.

This morning I will get back to my regular schedule. I definitely need to weed the area beside the back door and milk.

More rain is promised today and another 80° day. Oh joy!!


  1. The mixer is beautiful. The potato bread sounds interesting. I've never tried it but have seen recipes for it.

  2. She's a beauty, just like those loaves of bread! More rain last night and 69 this morning, we are in "hog heaven" on Granny Mountain!

  3. Yep, she's a beaut all right. Looks right at home there too! It'll be fun watching you post pics of what you make in her.

    Only 59 this morning with a trace of rain last night (to go with the 1" we got early yesterday morning). Everything is wet and dewy and smells nice.

    Have fun with your KA. :-D

  4. Great looking mixer Glenda, and those loaves look wonderful!

    We've had more rain too, with thunder and lightening. Winds are from the west. It's a tad cooler today. Is 88 but with humidity feels like 98. I just read where they are predicting three named hurricanes by the end of this month. I do hope they stay away.

    Enjoy your cooler temps and your new mixer.


  5. Oh my! I know you will enjoy that! Glad you're getting relief from the heat! Wish we would get some creeks are barely moving...:)JP