Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bread - Gardening Cleanup

It was 73° here this morning and it bodes to be another very hot day.

Yesterday was milking day. It takes her a very long time to let down her milk for just me, but I persevered!

Flowerlady has inspired me to stay with my yard clean-up project. She has made remarkable inroads in her lush tropical growth in Florida and she has all that humidity to deal with.


I began the Hummingbird Bed outside the kitchen after I milked. I watered part of it while I worked. I cut down and pulled morning glory vines in the side next to the drive, cut off most of the phlox and cut a few seedling trees. I think for now I will leave the Golden Rain tree. It is too near the sassafras seedling tree but I am not ready to make a decision about it.

This morning, I plan to finish the bed. I stay plan because living on the farm, things have a way of changing quickly.

I also spot mowed part of the west yard.

I am still finding the odd Japanese Beetle on the roses.

We made another library run so I am good for another week. I tried to watch some television, but gave up. Nothing on it interest me.


We were very low on bread. I wanted to test the machine again and go for 4 loaves.
I basically doubled KA's white bread recipe from the book that came with the mixer.
I was worried about doubling the yeast from 2 to 4 packages but did anyway. I rose like gangbusters! I think I should have cut back on the yeast considerably and just let it raise longer. It worked up beautifully, pulled off the bowl and dough hook, was smooth and satiny and very springy! I made three loaves of bread and one of hot dog buns. This bread is the closest to being store bread in texture and taste. This is not a goal! but this is what it turned out to be. I don't know why I am so enamored of white bread these days. I will make some good old hearty whole wheat soon.

This is slices from a small test bun. We always have to test it first out of the oven.....that is required!


  1. Getting ready to bake bread today...could you post a recipe or steer me in the right direction? I'd love a good hot dog bun recipe. The ones I have are way too heavy and dense for dogs! ;)

  2. Dear GLD ~ Your bread looks so yummy. Your machine sure sounds like it is doing it's job for you.

    You are busy with milking, gardening and baking. Like you, I say 'plan' because you never know what may happen to change your plans. Not because I live on a farm either, just because of how life works out sometimes.

    I worked outside again this morning, DH did too, and a loaf of oatmeal bread was baking the the bread machine. It smelled so wonderful coming inside. I've got salmon patties left from last night that I'm heating up for our lunch as a sandwich, with a slice of smoked gouda cheese, spicy dill slices, lettuce and tomatoe. After lunch, I'll probably feel like a nap. :-)

    Hope you have a great day today and that the rest of the week is good for you too.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. The bread is "lookin' good", Glenda! I know I've been busy too with all the trimming and end of summer cutting. I'm leaving the front bed until I get back home...:)JP

  4. Oh that bread looks sooo good! I'd love to have a bread machine but don't really have room for one. Have a good week!

  5. A bread machine is on my want list but I haven't found one at the thrift shope yet. I love home made bread and yours looks yummy.