Monday, August 15, 2011

Another delightfully cool morning here. I milked (skipped yesterday morning). Had great plans to start the yard immediately but DH said the grass was too wet. In a little while after my second go round of coffee, I will till the bare part of the garden again. The weeds have responded to the little rain showers!

Well, our company left about 5:30 yesterday evening. Had a wonderful visit. We are very happy with the way our grands are developing. They have wonderful manners and thank you for everything you do for them. They also are big milk drinkers and very good eaters and, the best part of all, is they love Gram's food! I bask in warm praises all weekend which is very nice.

They did the ziplining thing and really enjoyed it. DIL took lots of pictures and a video of the long run. It sounded and looked very exciting. I wish I could figure some way for you all to see the video. It was after 7 pm when they finished and she gave them the option of eating out or coming back to the farm. They chose Gram who had a hot pizza waiting.

I sent them home loaded down with 6 dozen eggs, okra (the 16-year old loves it)from the garden, several jars of jams and jellies (requested by the above,which is why I make so many of them), the leftover chocolate sheet cake,the cookies, and a loaf of the French Bread. They/we had eaten the other two loaves already.

This is such an exciting time of their lives. Our grandson had finally grown 3 inches since we saw him earlier this summer.....of course, his younger sister had grown 3.5 inches! I have been telling them since birth that you are what you eat...I think it took. I was delighted to see how much milk they drink...and they love the 'cow' milk. They have it with all meals and for snacks in between times.

The one thing we didn't get done was try the beignets filled with whipped cream and raspberries and drizzled with ganache. We did have beignets for breakfast. That's a given when the come here. I made them promise to try New Orleans beignets when they take the next cruise that leaves from there. I want them to try the chicory coffee too (the grown-ups).

We had some dough left and I am going to try that just for us! Bad, I know but so be it.

Here are the two older ones:

Yes, that is cow poop splattered on their legs!

and this is the youngest on the hay,

and this is Gramps after he got the ATV ready for them,


  1. Man oh man, you guys know how to have a good time! There's no better time than at Grandma's, especially when she lives on a farm. Lot's to do, great food and plenty of it and spoiling! Good looking kids, how proud are you?!!!

  2. What fun to have you two as grandparents. Good food, driving around the farm, climbing hay bales.

    Glad you had such a wonderful time with your grandkids.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. I love being around the grand kids...they always make you feel so grand-ma-ish...:)JP

  4. That's a great picture of Gramps. I think he probably had the best time of all!!

    Kids love to come out to the country where they can just run wild. I love to see kids without cell phones or game consoles hooked up to them.

    Oh, how well I remember visiting Gram and Gramps and how special they always made me feel. Grammy loved unconditionally and everyone adored her.

    Really enjoyed your post, as usual. Hugs, Ilene