Monday, August 22, 2011

A Piggyback Plant - Random Farm Pictures

Another cool morning. Oh how I love them! It is 70° which is a little warmer but at least it isn't 80°. Still no further rain.

I tilled part of the garden yesterday and it is still fairly moist down 6 inches or so. I should have to water for a few days.

I didn't get any trimming done. I hope to tackle that today. I am not milking.

I think I have talked DH into buying a baby Jersey heifer to put on Willow...if the farm has any. I am calling or e-mailing today. They are the cheese company farm that the state of Missouri visited with guns drawn ordering them to shut down a 30-year raw milk cheese company and they were ordered to sell all inventory! The litigation is ongoing. There had never been a complaint against the company in all those years. I will let you know how the baby calf situation goes. It seems wasteful to me not to let Willow raise a second calf.

I have mentioned before that I can't bear to toss out good plants....even though I should sometimes. Well when I moved a pot of salvia to the stump bed, I noticed a strange plant in with wasn't any weed I was familiar with so I left it and planted the entire pot. It was an eggplant. I am not sure what variety.

Now I remember, the salvia was a piggyback too. The pot was for the Golden Jubilee agastache.

I don't really need anymore eggplant. I don't know what to do with what I have!
I do want to try this one though.

Random Farm Pictures

When the Grands are here I give them my camera and they snap away to their heart's content.....they go places I don't!

This is Willow and this year's baby.

and this is Willow's 2-year old daughter with her new baby, a bull calf. I hadn't seen it until this photo,

The above post is a week old now, but is workable as today's post. I still have not tried the new eggplant.

What's new is the weather has warmed up again and no rain. I am watering a few things.........again.


  1. I read about the feds raiding that cheese plant and I say it's high time the people take action. We don't need more government, we need less government!

    Willow's daughter and the bull calf are really nice looking animals.

  2. That looks a lot like the Fairytale eggplant I'm growing.

    I have a lot of guilt about tossing "good" plants, too!

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  4. What a nice farm ! you made me remember my old days when i used to be with my grandpa all the day in the farm playing with cows, gots and even pigs :D

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