Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Daily Chores - Flower Beds

I did the morning chores that DH does unless I have to milk.

He wanted to get an early start on brush hogging so I turned out the chickens and did Willow and the calves. She never wants to come in the barn if she sees me; she knows I will steal the milk! I locked the calves in the barn, opened the gate to her field and to the holding pen......and she trotted in to see where the calves were.
While they were nursing I watered the clematis by the ramp.

Next turned the chickens out for the day. Then I started my flower bed clean-up. I finished the Hummingbird Bed by the drive and turned on the sprinkler. then I moved to the DR porch bed and worked it over.

This is the north side of the HB bed that I did yesterday.
and this is the south side, east end after I have cut down the lychnis and shastas,

This is the west end of the south side that had already been tidied up. The poor anemone 'Robustissima' isn't going to do much this year. It is right behind and to the left of the phlox. It is usually 5 feet tall.

On to the DR Porch bed

This is filled with ribbon grass! a serious mistake. I have some nice daylilies and Siberian iris in here that are being choked out. It has to go.

and the corner bed foundation bed,

I am feeling very pleased with myself. These are jobs I usually wait until spring to do,but things just looked so awful because of the weather I couldn't stand it any longer.....and then there was that Florida incentive!

I need all the incentive I can get these days.


  1. Same thing here...My goodness the weeds are INSANE this year. I pulled the dying summer garden last weekend. Next up, all my landscaped beds.

  2. Your beds are looking great, especially the one by the DR.

  3. I'd say you should feel pleased with yourself after all that work. I'm glad I was able to help out by being your incentive. :-) Reading your posts and seeing pictures of your place always makes me feel motivated.

    I love your barn and the different garden beds that you have.

    We're just having coffee, with a slice of buttered oatmeal bread toast slathered with the fig preserves. It's around 6:30 and still dark out.

    Hope you have a great day.


  4. I see progess going on there!!

    Healthy looking hydrangea-do you keep it watered? My Annabelle I think is in too much dry shade-has never grown very well and wilts down some in dry, hot weather. I don't water her and maybe I should start.

    Made vegetable beef soup yesterday, have it reheating for lunch, so off to bake a skillet of cornbread!