Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Foggy Morn

After our lovely rain and cool day, here is how our morning looks,

These were taken from the porch on the east side of the house, like yesterday's rainy shots.

Yesterday was a busy morning. I milked as usual. Brought the tomatoes down from the barn that were ripening and canned them, just 3 pints. I also rendered a package of the ground fat from the hogs we ordered. It goes so fast on top of the range that I can't imagine doing it all day in a crock pot.

I got a little over half a coffee can. The partial jar is what was left after I re-rendered the cracklings. I kept it separate because it will have a slightly stronger taste than the first rendering.

While the fat was rendering, I made a pumpkin pie from Long Island Cheese pumpkin that I canned two years ago. I wanted to try a nutrient dense pie so I added an extra egg and 1/2 cup of heavy cream (thank you, Willow). I used the recipe in my favorite new cook book Joy of Cooking. I like the blend of spices and the combination of brown and white sugar. I had the pie crust in the freezer so it was easy to do.

The reason I was looking for more calories is my FIL has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer and begins radiation this Wednesday. After a few treatments, his esophagus may be very tender and the food will have to be mild and probably soft.
I will make them one today or tomorrow and we will take it in to them. The doctor cautioned him to keep eating and not just skip because of discomfort. I am thinking egg custards, puddings, etc. but we will just see how things develop.

The new mixer didn't come yesterday; supposed to be here today. I need to make bread but want to wait and do it with the new mixer. I read somewhere bread is softer made by hand..........drat! I hope they are wrong. People selling the mixers sure don't say that.


  1. We are a cool 70 this morning and it's such a relief. Had a little over 2 " in the raingauge from the downpour yesterday and then more last night came around 11. I blogged about pie today... almost chose the pumpkin when we ate out last week, it's one of my favorites. That cream will make a real difference in the silky taste and the nutrients for you FIL. There's a place here that makes the best cold soups. They are fruit based so almost like a dessert, probably why I like them so much. They serve them with orange rolls and a berry salad. Anyway, Taste of Home has several recipes for the strawberry soup and mango soup, that might appeal to him too. Mango is rich in nutrients, I had never tried it until we lived in south Texas. Enjoy the cooler weather!

  2. Oh what joy to be able to indulge in pure unadulterated non-hydrogenated lard for your cooking and baking! You just can't find pure lard at the supermarket.

    Joycee's comment make me think I should look into cold fruit soups. Or even gazpacho. Hmmm. Heaven knows I've got the ingredients coming from the veg bed.

  3. How thoughtful of you to be thinking ahead for your FIL. And I'll bet your plan for puddings, custards is right on too. A nice tapioca or custard...nothing spicy, just nutritious...:)JP
    P.S. Did you find your clip ons?

  4. We didn't get much rain here, but thankfully the temps are much nicer. The pumpkin pie looks yummy!

  5. i wonder about milkshakes for your father-in-law
    my mom lives with us and sometimes we can't get her to eat right but she will always take a chocolate shake health drink. the cold might feel good on his throat too.

    glad you guys cooled off - we haven't.

  6. I'm glad you're still having cooler weather. My brother in law had esophageal cancer and during treatments we made sure to keep a good supply of ice cream on hand to make milkshakes. We put protien powder in his shakes. I'll keep your father in law in my prayers.

  7. It looks so cool at your place. We had a dark cloud and a smatter of rain.

    Wishing the best for your FIL as he undergoes treatment. The hardest part about the meals is finding something soothing that isn't sweet, like creamy pasta dishes without heavy seasoning.