Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It was 105° here yesterday and is supposed to be close to 110° today! This may be the hottest August ever recorded here.

Well my new milking routine was a bust. It just took me twice as long to milk this morning. The baby just can't take all her milk. I guess I could still just milk every other day but with the heat I think I would rather do it daily in half the time.
The baby followed her up the ramp again and I just let her find her way back down. It worked out fine.

The weather is becoming very depressing. I think about just giving up on the garden but keep hoping the weather will break and maybe things will set fruit again. I am watering the tomatoes today and the melons. Heat doesn't seem to affect okra but everything else suffers.

They are warning people to get to air conditioned space in this kind of heat. I am so thankful that we have central air. I called my elderly aunt who is "frugal" (stingy in the extreme) I hope she is running her two window units but I bet she isn't dong it full time. At least she is up and about and was going to the store later.

I was reading Debbie's blog Life at Swampbilly Ranch and she mentioned fried bologna sandwiches. I had forgotten all about them. We love them too so that is what we had for lunch. Dessert was the Banana Cake we like so much. I didn't want to waste the two over-ripe bananas.
My Sis reminded me I could just put them in the freezer. I told her I wanted to bake that cake! I will freeze most of it later today.

We decided to bring the dog in because of the extreme heat. Now he is a large dog, maybe 75 lbs and he has some kind of skin allergy so he has lost a lot of hair. I clipped him (not a professional job by any means) and we gave him a bath using my homemade laundry soap under the garden hose. He is now laying on the back porch on the tile floor. He seems very content. He barked once and scared me to death. You can imagine that large a dog's bark. It was loud. I won't let him have free run of the house.....not an indoor dog person, but he minds very well and stays on the back porch. We have tried everything for the allergy but nothing seems to work.
When hot weather hits he gets it and has it until cold weather comes back. No fleas, just scratching and loosing hair. After DH toweled him dry, I gave him a full mineral oil body rub.

There will be no lovely garden pictures in the foreseeable future. Here is one I took a few weeks ago when the phlox were at their peak.

I may have shown it before.

Ilene's Blog has encouraged me to be more politically active. I just emailed President Obama at his website and I emailed our Congressman earlier before they settled the budget debacle.


  1. Let me know if either answers you! So it was you that talked them into an agreement or was it an argument? I hate this heat too, Glenda!!...:)JP

  2. 111.0 about ten minutes ago. Depressing.

  3. Oh my! Our temps are high but not that bad. Hope the heat wave breaks soon. I feel so bad for those people who don't have air conditioning in this weather.

    Your dog looks very content laying there on the cool floor. We had a dog that had problems with dry skin and I used to put a teaspoon of olive oil on his food. It seemed to help some.

    I called both our senators and representatives a few days ago. Don't know if it made a difference but made me feel better.

  4. I have a dog with the same problem. She's an inside dog though. I try to limit her exposure outside when it's this HOT. Scratching, hair loss, rash, pink skin. The Vet put her on Clemastine 2.68 mg 2x a day plus I also give her 1400mg fish oil 2x a day. It works pretty good and she's not scratching herself to death.Once the weather breaks, I'll back down to once a day until winter. Then stop completely. Good luck!

  5. So sorry about your garden and the heat. Your dog is lucky to have someone to take such good care of him. I have a little yorkie that has to eat food with no wheat or corn in it or she digs herself to pieces. She gets strictly rice and potatoes in her food.

    Thanks for the link! Can you believe some people have never had fried bologna!!??

  6. My Dane has allergies. We give him an allergy pill with each meal (chlortrimeton) and bathe him with Itch Ease Medicated Shampoo from Top Paw. It doesn't stop the itching completely but helps significantly.

  7. We are staying at 100-103, which is normal for us. I still hate it.

    Fortunately, I have a tea party congressman, but two ultra liberal senators. I wrote to Boehner several times. But he didn't listen. We have been sold down the river.

  8. You are so sweet to bring your dog in. I have a Saint Bernard and in the heat, the same thing happens to her coat too. I think she contributes to the loss of fur by biting at it. And yeah, it does only happen in the summer.

    Thanks for adding the Follow By Email box. It's so nice to get your posts as soon as you write them in my inbox.

  9. I appreciate the dog info. I will definitely check with John (our vet) about the Clemastine!

    We have tried the fish oil, we give him benadryl, and went to the RAW diet to eliminate the food allergy thing. He gets one chicken leg thigh combo daily and an egg now and then. He stays fat on it but he still has the skin condition. We have also tried garlic capsules. You all have described his condition to the letter.

  10. That grateful look on your dogs face is just heartwarming, Glenda. I hope you find something that will give him more relief in the future.

    Sorry to learn you'll be having to go out in that heat to milk every day, but I suppose it's a good opportunity to keep an eye on Willow and the baby in this weather. At least you'll be blessed with lots and lots of fresh milk.

  11. Your dog looks quite content. Our high today was 102; two degrees cooler than yesterday. I have been having tomatoes but on the small side and probably for not much longer if the heat doesn't break soon and we get some rain. I was diagnosed with a yeast infection in my mouth and can't eat tomatoes right now-miss them with my morning egg and toast..

  12. Greetings from a fellow gardener in sultry Arizona, where our summer heat hovers 110-115 daily from july-september (state motto: "At least it's a dry heat")
    I insisted on trying to garden through summer this year. I''m doing well on my melons (water, cantaloup, honeydew)and my zucchini is *still producing* and pumpkins are taking over. My sugar peas quit on me, and I've got my tomatoes in half shade. I managed to get them to fruit at these temperatures with misters, but it's tough. I'm in a dry spell between my early tomatoes dying and my late tomatoes still green.

    Good luck and I hope the mercury drops for you soon!