Monday, February 25, 2013

Errand Day and Jam Making

I a slept until almost 4:30 AM, a very good night for me. 

We knew a storm front was moving in this afternoon so we did our errands early.  We went to the processors and picked up the cured meat  from the hog.  We pass a place that has a few buffalo and every time I take the camera they are out of sight.  Today, I didn't take it and 8 were in nice range.......We won't be going in that direction for a long time now since  the only reason is the meat plant.

We picked up a few supplies at the small local market and got gas for the truck.

The front came in around 3 pm.  Blew like crazy; rained some; snowed some but now the sun is shining.  It is still very windy.  Nothing will stick  at the temperatures we are  having.

I had thawed two packages of peaches several days ago and knew they had to be worked up.  I thawed them to make jam and jam  I did.  I made a regular 4 cup batch with pectin and then just cooked the remaining 3 cups with 3 cups of sugar until I thought the were the right consistency.

The quart jar is the old-fashioned kind of preserves.

I have the second package of ground hog fat thawing and will render it tomorrow.


  1. You reminded me I have some frozen raspberries in the freezer that I need to make into jam. Trouble is I'm the only one around here that likes raspberry jam. There are those who complain about the seeds . . . but they don't faze me a bit. (I suppose I could make raspberry jelly and that would take care of the seed problem, eh?)

    1. I have the same issue if I make blackberry jam.....all family members (except me) don't like the seeds. I hate to waste any of the pulp is I strain out the seeds.

      I wouldn't think raspberry seeds would count at all.

      So, make yourself a few jars.....

  2. Doesn't that figure, the time you don't take your camera the critters are out. Buffalo to boot! Maybe next year.

    Your peach jam look yummy.

    Hope you get a good nights' sleep and have a wonderful day tomorrow.


    1. The jam did turn out well, even the one without pectin. I had some on toast for breakfast this morning.

      We are covered in snow here this morning.

      Have a good day.

  3. Glenda,

    It looks like we both had the same idea, take care of your errands early. We were expecting the blizzard early, now it's going to be later this evening. There expecting 45+mph winds, snow and ice. I'm so happy we have things prepped for a storm, no worries.

    Your peach jam looks amazing, and I bet it will go good with that delicious bread you make :-)

    1. Well, at last the weathermen got it right! We are covered in about 2 inches of snow here. It is still windy buy not like yesterday.

      Poor DH has to go out and feed hay this morning; I will stay inside.

  4. :-) I know you are going to render ground hog fat, and NOT groundhog fat !! The English language can be funny sometimes; depends on where one puts the emphasis. You wrote it correctly, I read it the first time and had to stop and chuckle.
    Stay warm and safe!

    1. Ray, I don't do groundhogs, squirrels, possums or even deer! I don't even do domestic rabbits! Crazy I know.

      I haven't started the lard yet...this time I am going to try a pinch of soda added to make it whiter.. I think I remember Mom doing that.

  5. Glad you got some moisture from the system. Looks like Rocky will bring us some rain today, although the radar seems to be sporting a Joseph's coat of many colors. We'll see what we get. I love blackberries in any form. I should buy some for the garden. Bet the deer would eat them to nothing, though. Have fun with the lard.

  6. Glad to see everything's ok out your way. We got 4", and most of it melted as soon as it landed. Jay's lake is now full for the first time since it was dug out and it looks so nice. I just emailed Paula, they had a lot of snow where she is, according to the news, but I haven't heard back from her yet.

    I hardly ever use pectin, I make most of my jam the old way. Exception is banana-pineapple jam. Blueberries don't jell well on their own, either, unless thick apple juice is added to the recipe, and, well, that's pectin.

    There's a hawk that hunts in a field on our way into town that I have been trying to get a picture of like your experience. Also people just a little bit south of us put "coats" on their horses and I'd like to get a picture of that. Warms the heart to see people who are taking extra-good care of their animals, what with all the press about so many folks mistreating theirs.

    I have a Squeezo food mill that has a berry screen and it works wonderfully well, doesn't waste much pulp at all. I love red raspberry jam but I don't like the seeds. It makes great filling for yellow layer cake, then a 7-minute frosting on top. Yum. Hubs loves blackberry cobbler, seeds and all. He gets to eat all of it if I ever make it because I find those seeds especially tough.

    I thought that about the ground hog too. hee-hee Remember MacMex, he kills, butchers and eats anything that gets in his garden. Mom told me once that Dad's grandmother knew how to cook possum. Ewwwww.

  7. Your peach jam looks so very delicious..