Saturday, February 9, 2013

Second part of tour: The Big Pond Field

Good Saturday morning!  It is a little cooler here this morning, 32° and  cloudy.  We got 3/8 inches of rain and are promised more today.  We are grateful for all amounts.

Yesterday was spent running back to town, but it was a good beloved Merry Tiller (the 3 h.p. Scotsman,ca 1976) has been running very rough for a couple of years now and the oil fill plug was lost in the garden and never found.....I substituted a carved down wine cork until it finally disintegrated.  I was thrilled  to find  one of our local farm supply stores would work on the Briggs and Stratton engine so we loaded it up and took it in.  They have promised me one week completion....that should give me lots of time  to till the garden.  I think it is just a carburetor adjustment. They also had the oil fill plug!  I am keeping my fingers crossed because this machine cannot be replaced.

Late in the afternoon, I began my cushion far, I am not impressed with the new look.  I hope the wide ties will improve the overall look.  So......I may or may not share pictures.. They are extremely easy to make.

Now, I am looking at new machines at Amazon.....even though my old Kenmore is doing this simple straight stitching fine. 

The rest of the middle of the farm tour pictures

This field lies directly north of the hay storage field and is maybe 15 acres long and narrow running east and west.  We have taken hay on this field before but not recently.  We call it the Big Pond Field (we are clever with names....). The field drops sharply right at the gate down to the pond; the rest of the field is pretty level.

I see some of the roofing from the tornado destroyed barn has worked  loose and is laying here and there.  We need to take the truck and pick it up.

Panning to the right,

This is taken down near the pond looking up the hill to the fence line of an Ozarks windbreak/shelter aka, cedar trees.

There were lots of these little fellow enjoying the sun,

Remember me mentioning all the light reddish brown calves and wondering about that.... well while looking at this little one, it hit me.

I am probably seeing some results of Willow's genetics.  She is a dark red Milking Shorthorn I have had for several years.  In the field are her daughters, Annabelle (the red and white spotted one) and Ginger, her daughter from our Angus bull....both have had several calves by now and we may even have kept some back.   I know we have a bull from her and a Black Angus who is breeding age.  The red genes are there!
Mystery solved. 

This is bread-making day so I better get started.  DH said I could make either whole wheat or white (he does prefer the white though).  If I get real ambitious I may make both.


  1. I understand the naming of fields. The New Ground has not been new since I can will always be called The New Ground.

  2. Another enjoyable tour of your farm. Glad you got the red calves figured out.

    I need to make bread too, I'm at work right now, will make a loaf tomorrow in the machine while I'm puttering with planting seeds. :-)

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. I enjoyed seeing more of your farm. The pond is pretty! And I think Big Pond Field is a great name...just like one we would use. Ever practical. :)

  4. Do you happen to have a post and photos about the tornado damage?

    1. Joy, I have a small album of the pictures I took. Here is the link.

      Let me know if it doesn't work for you. The area where the hay is did have a 60-foot pole barn covering it! I skipped over the house, thank God, and dropped down out back. A neighbor saw it dip down and then rise up again.

  5. Your land is so lovely. Something very peaceful and calming about the pictures you're sharing with us.

  6. I'm in heaven when I see picture of your lovely property and cows.
    We've had rain and expecting more. In fact they're talking the potentional of snow :-(

    Have a great one!

  7. You have a nice place, Glenda. Enjoyed your photos. I loved seeing the pics of the calves. I missed out on some posts, so I'll have to look them up. Have a good weekend!

  8. Love the lake. Wish I had one. XOXOXO

  9. I'm sure your cattle really enjoy the shade that line of trees provide in summer. I'll bet your grass-fed beef are much superior to any feedlot meat. They look happy and healthy.