Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We are still in the midst of an unseasonable warm period.  It got almost to  70 one day.

Yesterday, Monday, was errand day.  We needed puppy chow and I needed King Arthur flour and the truck needed gas.  Gas is back up to almost $3.30 now.  I also hit Hobby Lobby.  The cushions on my dining room chairs are getting pretty bedraggled and the bottom non-skid rubber is wearing off and sticking to my wooden chair seats.  At first I thought I would just get new cushions (8); the one I like would have cost almost $300!  The cushions are in excellent shape,  just the covers are worn (and I am tired of them).  so I decided to try to get past my laziness in all things sewing  and make new covers.

I hope to begin today....this may push me over the edge to a new sewing machine......mine is an 1960 era Kenmore.  I just bought a neutral cotton.  If it goes well, down the road I might upgrade to something heavier.  I almost got a light weight denim/twill fabric but it was 60 inches and I had figured for a 45 inch width with  little waste  so didn't try to recalculate in the store.  I will make the first one and see how it looks and take it from there.  I can't say I am really looking forward to making 8 slip covers.......

Good news to report on Park Seed Company.  All the seeds were delivered in a timely fashion.  Now let's hope the germination is good. 

I have some sprouted cuttings from a rose of sharon, no roots but leaves.  They are just in water.  Today I am dipping them in rooting hormone and planting them all in one pot of soil.  Thank you Ilene.  I haven't done the seeds yet.  I have them chilling in the refrigerator.

My lettuce  under the lights and looks very pale and spindly. I need to get them out in the nice sunshine if I can find a sheltered spot close by the back door.  I know I will have to bring them back inside at night.  This nice weather can't last into spring.

The chickens have picked up a little.  We are getting 3 and 4 each day.  My Iowa  Sis has ordered some laying age pullets for $8 from a hatchery.  She is starting anew.  I know I need to do that but haven't done anything so far.

Random Pictures

I hope this poppy returns this year.


  1. I wish I were closer!! Those cushions would be the challenge my 1990's Kenmore and I would love!!! I hope they turn out the way you want them to!!

  2. I wish you were too! Every year I think about getting a newer machine and then back off. I wonder about the Brother machines Wal Mart carry??? I would like to have one that you could slip the leg of jeans on for patching....Yes, I am old school and I patch jeans until they fall apart. My Sis kids me about it but I patch both our jeans.

    Welcome to my journal. I don't believe I have seen you here before.

  3. The poppies are so pretty, Glenda. I hope they come back for you. Isn't this weather nice? But I'm sure it won't last until spring. Darn it. I've started reading a gardening book and dreaming about flowers. :)

  4. Absolutely GORGEOUS poppy! Wow!

    I patch jeans/pants, too! The "tray" in front of the presser foot on both of my Janomes comes off leaving just a narrower part under the presser foot that enables me to slip the legs of pants right over it and get in there to sew patches on. So handy!

    Would you share a picture of the slipcovers you make for your chair cushions? I've got the same project facing me in the not too distant future and I'd like to see how you did it. Thanks.

  5. I would make my covers for the cushions too at that cost!
    We patch our jeans and use them until we can no longer use them.
    Funny thing, I walked in my sons room one day to ask him a question, and found him cutting an old pair of jeans up, making ammo carry bags with the jeans. He was sewing the bags by hand, not machine and did a really good job. He surprised me!

  6. I patch my jeans too - but I have to do it by hand because I don't have a functioning sewing machine. Now I want one of those with the narrow deck. How easy would THAT be?

  7. I'm glad those cuttings are still showing promise! No roots yet, though? I love poppies but they don't seem to last very long here. I broadcast breadseed poppy and some California red poppy this year. I hope they come up.

    I've bought from Park Seed before and seems like their service and seed were just fine.

    I'm getting so I just don't like to sew. But I have a rocking chair that needs a new cushion cover....

    Have a good weekend! Hugs, Ilene