Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Future Projects and Daily Doins

It has remained cold all day....I did put the flat of lettuces out on the porch in the sun.  I will bring them back in this evening.

Hallelujah!  I finished the cushion covers, except I need to buy 1/4 yard for make 4 more ties.  I hope to get  that tomorrow.   I am glad they are finished.

Note  the sewing machine by the window....oh for a special room for projects....I have had a mess in the dining room all  this time.

speaking of projects........

I have several fulminating in my brain these days but haven't settled on one to actually put my money where my mouth/mind is.

1.  Do a remodel on the guest bath.....a pretty expensive project
2.  Extend my L shaped back porch which is 5 feet wide by 15 feet and the back L is 5 x 7, so it would be filled in to be a nice  sized utility room of about 15x15....sewing  machine could go here.....maybe washer and dryer then,
3.  Make current utility a walk-in closet right off the master bathroom....that would be wonderful!
4.  Have a lean-to greenhouse built off east end of sheds across the drive (I know this is the most luxurious one since I am getting along fine without one!

5.  Enclose dining room porch into a sun room where we would enjoy coffee on cold days.  It is 7 x 15,  pretty narrow  but would work for us.
6 Enclose small living room porch foroffice for me and the computer.  This would eliminate the front entrance which no one uses but might be   negative if selling (for the kids).

7.  Make a wide opening between the  kitchen and the middle room (13x13) and make that the dining room.
Dining room would become living room; living room would be divided into two bedrooms (making them pretty small.

8 Or..............build two bedrooms across  the back of the house....a very expensive project

Or what I usually end up doing......nothing!  Seriously, I think the bathroom may be chosen.... the tub surround is very bad.

I will probably delete all the above  before I post.  Nope, going to leave it here for future reference for me.  You call can just skip over it.

We did errands yesterday on Saturday.  You would think we could pick a better day since we are  here each day but somehow it gets put off until Saturday, dumb, dumb and I forgot to get the 1/2 yard of material to finish the ties for the two cushions! drat.  I did pick up the matching jars for q-tips and  cotton for the master bathroom vanity.

This morning is bright and sunny and promises to be much warmer.  It is 33° right now but supposed to reach 50°.

I am milking this morning....Willow has a new trick. First   DH does out to lock the calves in the barn so he can walk Willow through their pen to come up the ramp into the barn and I don't go out until that is done.  If she sees me she refuses to go into the pen....she doesn't want to share her milk with me.  Now she has figured out what he is doing and the last two milking days the minute he locks the calves up, she whirls back and runs out to the field again..... We will out smart her...maybe.  Next time he will let her into the small pen adjacent to the calves pen before he locks them out of sight......surely she won't know I am milking that day.  I will still stay out of sight until the deed is done.  Willow is too smart for us.

Tuesday, February 19

The cold front blew in yesterday and it is 25° this morning.  Now  they are talking of a possibility of an ice storm coming in tonight.....I hope it goes the way of the heavy rain predicted earlier.  I sometimes wonder why I bother to check weather forecasts.

Today is trash day  so I have to empty the house trashcans.

I need to make another batch of soap quickly.  I think I will carry all my supplies out to the Milk Parlor where I have stainless steel sinks and the old gas range.  It might be a little cool but at least the mess will not be in my kitchen.  DH says I am filling that room way too fast!

I think I will publish this before I get cold feet and delete it all.


  1. Great plans and hard work...the perfect things you need to succeed.

    1. These days I do the planning and hire someone to do the work!

  2. That is one tricky mama! Soap is something I've yet to take on so I'm a bit envious. I need to do it during the summer as I have a bird and they say the lye fumes can be deadly to them.
    Your table is just beautiful and the cushions turned out wonderful

    1. The fumes are bad which is one reason I think working out in the milk parlor would be better than the contained kitchen. Didn't get it done yesterday.......maybe today.

      Thank you about the table. My MIL recently gave me the old quilt and I couldn't resist putting it on the table.

  3. Interesting to peer into your thoughts, wishes, and what-ifs. I would be thrilled to have a dining room! Always wanted a real, separate dining room. We have to eat in the kitchen, or in the living room when there are too many for just the kitchen table. I couldn't help but smile at Willow's antics... sorry, I know it isn't amusing to you two. Farming is always a challenge, isn't it.

    1. Barbee, that is one reason I almost didn't post it.....they are just that; my thoughts, ideas, dreams,wishes....been thinking them since we moved in here in 1991.I may not get them all done, but it keeps me going just thinking about it.

      I sometimes wish I didn't have the dining room, but then what would I do with all this furniture? We have had the set almost since we got married way back in 1961.

  4. Love the quilt on the dining room table. The chair cushion covers look very nice. Good job! (A couple more ties and you will be done, done, done.)

    What a list of possible projects you have. I think that's why I don't believe the old axiom, "Money won't buy happiness." Just think . . . if you had the money, you could work your way through each of those possibilities without another thought. Just hire the right people to come in and do them under your direction. Wouldn't that be great? (Dream on, Mama Pea, dream on!)

    I haven't gotten into soap making as I have a good friend who loves doing it. And she just brought me a new supply last night. Lucky me, huh?

    Had to laugh at Willow's antics. Who says animals can't reason?

    1. I think if I had all the money to do all the projects I would still just hem and haw about it. Procrastination is my middle name! Also I hate having people in the house working, in and out, tracking dirt etc.

      I wish I had a good soap-making friend.....now I am that person. It seems my Sis and both kids like my soap which is why I am running low.

      Willow may have other reasons she behave like she does. I may be giving her too many human feelings......she may just not like me!

  5. Willow is one good mama, outsmarting the People.

    Your project list looks a lot like mine. Need to hit the lotto first and hire the workers. Blah!

    1. I need two lottos....every time I get ready for a project....DH comes up with something for the farm that just has to be done. I am holding out this time.

  6. Your cushions look great and I love the quilt on your table, that looks oh so quaint and homey.

    What a hoot Willow is, she is one smart Mama cow. I wonder why she is so weird like she is. Is it that she just dose not like you to take her milk? Does she let you husband milk her?

    Wow, you have quite the impressive list of 'want to dos'. We enclosed our little 6'x8' porch, and put a metal clad door with 9 lites in the top. We decided it was better having the space for us than using it as the front door, which we didn't use anyway. You can always have a door, just don't use it.

    Just do what projects you you can reasonably do without too much grief for yourselves and your pocketbook. Just my humble two cents worth. I need to get up and do some dishes and straightening in here. I worked outside all morning and part of the afternoon. It felt great.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

    1. I think Willow doesn't like me. Maybe because I take her milk or maybe just because.

      I will be glad when I can work outside. We are now waiting for a possible ice storm.....

      I may just do an eeny, meenie, miney mo (I have no idea how to spell that) to choose or let my daughter decide....she is good at that!

  7. Enjoyed your list of future projects and current. You're doing WAY more than I am.

    1. The point is I am not doing anything.......just thinking.

  8. Ya know you're feeling good when you write up an ambitious list. LOL Yep, Spring is coming and we're all starting to feel our oats again. I have a list like your's, although the first one says "win lottery". :-D If I had the $ I'd open the back wall of the living room into the front bedroom, add French doors and make the bedroom a library. And the list goes on from there. Do what you can, when you can - but sometimes just making up a speculative list - can be very satisfying too. Hope you don't get that ice storm. We are only 9F this morning and some snow but, thankfully, no ice.

    1. Kris,I have always been a list maker; makes me feel anything is possible and sometimes it is! I can definitely (if something doesn't rear its ugly head) do the bathroom if I will just make the call. I should get another bid..........or I might just tear off the tub surround and put a new one up.Hmmmmmm, $400 vs $5,000. Yes that is a possibility. Of course,no new tile shower or tile floor with that one.

      Your list sounds similar to mine.

  9. Wow, that list really put me to shame, and you KNOW how MY wheels are always turning! LOL

    Willow's lucky she makes great milk or she just might find herself at the sale barn! Anyway that would be my thinking if she was mine.

    I have a separate room to sew in but I hardly ever go in there. It's become the "catch all" and is in a mess right now. But I do love my office. It's quiet and lets me think.

    As you so well know, I "think outloud" on my blog, and I'm pretty sure the reason why I don't have a very big following (other than the fact that I don't publicize it) is that people are bored with my "musings". But, like you, I use my blog as a sort of a journal for myself, and a way to take the pressure off Hubs, who is a quiet man and, I'm sure, wishes I was a quiet woman. Those who want to visit are more than welcome, but I don't stress over low stats.

    I prefer to do errands when the weather is not such that I can get out into the garden. Why use up a good day in the store?

    The way to get lots done is just to do a little bit each day. You'll be surprised how it adds up. I have to force myself to finish a project, as I get bored with it. I want to start something else but I won't let myself until the ongoing project is either done or where I can't go further until some problem is solved, or while someone else is doing a part that takes more expertise than I have.

    We are getting snow at the moment. There's an ice storm forecast for tonight and freezing rain for tomorrow. THIS kind of weather, and we just hunker down. Stay well and warm.... Hugs

    1. My poor DH just tunes me out and I know it. He is pretty quiet too.

      I have warned him I am serious this time about some of these projects.
      He won't make the calls though, I will have to. I just don't know what I want the most.

      It is 25° here this morning....DH took the net wraps off the hay bales he will have to feed in case the ice storm hits.

  10. I'm glad you didn't delete anything, Glenda. One thing to consider is what will bring you and your DH the best function and enjoyment. The extra bedrooms don't seem like they would be of as much benefit to you, but there could be something I don't know about.

    I hope Willow comes around to cooperating better with you.

    1. You are right about the extra bedrooms. The only time I want them is when the kids come to visit. Our daughter comes maybe 3-4 times a year for the weekend. Our son not so much and if he does, it isn't the whole family at one time. I need to really do some serious thinking and see what DH would like the most. He hates spending money so it will be hard to pin him down!