Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back Home - Cecropia Moth - Peonies

We cut our visit short this trip. It rained almost the entire time we were there.
We did get to see the dance competition, but the Friday ball game was canceled and then on Saturday, more rain so DH decided we would come on back to the farm!
I knew the girls had a whole day of photographs scheduled for their dance schools and I didn't want to do that. I think we are a jinx with the rain!

We drove in rain back home until about Waynesville on I-44 and it got very cold, 53°.
We did get all the plants I took up in the various beds so that was a very good thing.

I have been having really bad hip pain for three days now and lived on pain meds for three days. I hope it is weather related and when it finally warms and dries up, it will be can only hope.

Friday morning before we left I walked around checking things and saw this most unusual moth. It was huge, maybe 4.5 inches.

On closer inspection, I saw it was laying eggs on the iris blade.

It is a Cecropia Moth also called a Robin Moth. I haven't seen one before.

It was in the iris edging what I jokingly call the New Bed (not new anymore....needs a new name):

I also discovered I have another fragrant peony and it is in the same bed.

White never photographs well with my camera, but here is the bush and then a single bloom photo which shows the color better.

I am looking forward to some sunshine and warmer weather this week!


  1. I've had a couple of cecropia moths in the years I've been at this house. They are so spectacular. Never caught any laying eggs, though.

    Nothing but rain here (4" so far in 3 days). And now it's plunged to 41F and going lower tonight with only into 40s tomorrow. Brrrr. Brought all the veg plants & annuals starts into the sunroom. I'll have to keep them inside for a couple of days until we're past the final frost date.

    I like peonies but mine always get mashed down by rain, even if I put tomato cages around them. I'm going to get more of the single types instead of my pompoms.

    Hope your hip feels better soon. I can sympathize...

  2. Gorgeous moth!
    The peony looks like my Festiva Maxima..they smell amazing.

  3. Sorry you had such bad weather for your trip. Hope your hip pain is just from the cold and that it goes away soon. The picture of the moth is beautiful.

  4. The weather just continues to put a snafu in lots of plans. We wore coats everywhere we went this weekend! I shouldn't complain, we are so lucky to not have the serious problems that flooding is causing lots of places. I had never seen a moth like that, she was huge! The peonies are beautiful, I had planted a couple when we first moved here 6 years ago but the deer ate them. Need to try again because I love them so, they remind me of my Grandmother. She must have loved them too since she had so many. It says 70's by Thursday, I'm going to do a little Happy Dance when that day comes!!! Have a good week...

  5. What a great looking moth.

    I've been wondering where you were and am glad you were just away on a little excursion. Sorry it rained the whole time. And I'm sorry you are having to deal with hip pain also. I too hope it is weather related.

    Love your not so 'new bed'. It sure is lush and full.

    Happy Gardening and Be Well ~ FlowerLady

  6. Very glad you are home. I am sorry for the jinxed weather. I think that we are in the same jinx mode, lol.
    I am hoping the hip pain is weather related. I have had the back and hip pain for about a week. Weather and stress is a lot of it. I need some of that Ozark pain medicine that my grandmother told me about,lol.
    Take care, don't over do it and have a great week, the sun is out here, this morning, yah!

  7. Welcome home and glad you had a safe trip. Mostly cloudy, cool and rainy here over the weekend. Looks to be really nice today though.

    What a pretty colored moth-never seen one before-great photos.

    Hope your hip pain gets better real soon.

  8. Beautiful moth. I've never seen one here.

    Oh, oh, for the hip. Get a cane. Doctor told Mama once that every pound of force she put on that cane took 7 pounds off the hip.

    Love the peony. I can just imagine how good they smell.

    If you promise not to laugh, you can see my latest endeavor here:
    Videos of the yellow bed and long rock bed