Saturday, May 28, 2011

More rain - new stringtrimmer

We have been having rain daily since I posted last. I think about three inches total.
Nothing has been done outside lately. I still have plants on the patio but it is way too wet. It looks like next week is going to be dry.....and hot, 80's and 90's.

We have both been having trouble with equipment. DH with his chain saw and me with my Stihl trimmer. We have lost confidence in the local repair center so went back to Bolivar with both of them. The serviceman started both of them pretty easily!
We were embarrassed! I owe an apology to our local service center. He did think I was having to pull too hard on the Stihl and suggested I try the E-Z pull Echo...did and was sold! We bought it and will have the old one as a backup. I hate getting all set to do a job and the equipment fails me (or I fail it!). Because of the wet, I haven't tried it out yet.

The yard is beginning to look like a jungle. I have let weeds overtake some beds that I will now just mow the centers down.

I got a real surprise on one of my morning walks around the house. This azalea has been planted for years and has never bloomed or grown. It must be a dwarf of some kind. I bought it at Lowe's on sale. It how has a few very large apple-blossom pink blossoms!. Of course it is pretty much hidden by other plants now since I didn't think it would ever do anything.

From gardening Spring 2011

My first early daylily is in bloom. I bought it unnamed but think it is Buckeye.
I need to relocate it to another spot. I don't like it with the baby pink rose behind.

The cistern planter on the patio was in full glory.....until a heavy rain and some hail.

I think this rose is Marie Daly. It is a polyantha, has few thorns , is fragrant, and is disease resistant, all I ask for in a rose. It is one of Chamblees Roses in Tyler, Texas' Earthkind roses (they have been tested for several features above). Most of my roses came from them.

The blue flax was a gift from a passing bird! The sedum was a piece I accidentally broke off the mother plant. Coming up around the rose will be some bulbs I bought from the neighbor boy and a lavender I had left in a flat. This is my normal way to plant!

I save the biggest for last. This is a great shrub rose, William Baffin. I believe it is a Canadian rose. It has one heavy spring bloom and then blooms sporadically for me. Unfortunately, no scent, but a very large and healthy shrub.


  1. I'm not a 'rose' person - never seem to have luck with anything. But I'll tell you, I sure would give that William Baffin whatever attention it needed. That plant is AWESOME!

    Very wet here too. I've 'mudded in' my zinnias and onion plants. I'm holding off on the peppers, although some are setting fruit in their pots (gotta love those precocious hot wax types). I usually till the veg bed in Mar-Apr but have not been able to even yet.

    Hope your sciatica is calming down. I've had bouts of that and it is NOT FUN. Hope you have a nice holiday weekend. Take care...

  2. Good morning Glenda ~ We were supposed to get 0.92 inches of rain yesterday, and only got a few sprinkles. We need it badly and here you and others have way too much.

    Your William Baffin looks fantastic. It is so huge! What a joy that must be to see in person. Your Marie Daley is a sweetie too. How nice of the birds to leave you that blue flax.

    I always enjoy seeing your different garden beds and your farm.

    Have a nice weekend and I hope you get to try your trimmer soon.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. Glenda, first of all what a great idea about the leaving a framed document here in the Hollow. I've always wanted to try roses and never have. My sister loves them and they do well down in the panhandle of FL! I am really excited about finding a place closer to all the kids. It will be good for me...:)JP

  4. Oh, wow, what pretty roses-that William Baffin is really loaded!! Beautiful time of the year with all the rain we have had.

  5. Hello Glenda...your flowers are so lovely and that rose bush is amazing!
    I'm glad you like my bathroom floor, it was SO easy and very affordable to boot! If you have 12 x 12 tiles on your floor already, you probably could use them as your pattern....mine weren't the right size, so I had to do it the mathmatical way. :-/ lol If you do the peel n stick, just make sure you have the floor cleaned thoroughly so the new stuff will stick...I had one tile that I had to pull up and replace because I had left something on the big deal, but just wanted you to know how important it is to check as you go. :)
    Hope to visit with you some more later...and thanks for coming by my blog from Granny's. :)
    Missy :)