Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Perfect Day - Again , Gardening. Tuesday, 5/10/11

It was 74° early this morning and was supposed to be another hot one...but so far, it has been perfect. It is still in the 70's and overcast with a slight breeze.

I went out very early and checked everything before getting busy.
I thinned more on the lettuce, tilled and hilled up the potatoes and hoed the ever- present Maple seedlings here and there between rows. I also managed to till between the daylily row and the garlic. That was a much needed thing.

I planted one Granny Cantrell tomato and three Druzba's with some Italian Basil around them.
I got the ground next to the hoop frame ready for the pole beans. That end of the garden is delightfully loose soil....I think I will extend all that area and use it for gardening. It will have to be beds here and there because of the cherry tree and the plum tree.
I also risked spraying a blooming multiflora rose near the garden gate with herbicide, Gly-4.
These are the host plant for the microscopic mite that causes rose rosette disease.

Speaking of roses, I also dug up 'America' from inside the garden and relocated it.
It may not survive but that is OK. It is a magnet for black spot.

Also the two heirloom roses that I have been paying special attention to by feeding them an acid and iron supplement are looking better. One is looking really good and the other needs more help. I will be spraying it this afternoon with Miracide.
I sprayed it and it looks dreadful this morning...must have been too hot and I
didn't check the label. It won't be fatal.

I have been trying to get a red iris in the Grace smoke tree bed, but somehow I ended up with Swingtown! It has to go.
I dug up a clump of blooming reds and moved them. It is a much better fit.

All I plan to do today is water the corn patch and dig up perennials for our DIL.
We are heading to St. Louis again hoping to see our grandson play ball and one of our granddaughters has a dance recital.


  1. Looks like you are checking off that list and getting things done! It's so nice to see the sun again. Our mountaintop dries up pretty fast so I'm back to watering everyday. I plan on putting some more vinca out in the flowerbeds this week, the deer leave them least for now. I tead at a gardening site to string fishing line about chest high and the deer would spook when they walk into it. I will try anything at this point so the next time we talk, I may be grousing about chigger bites....have a safe trip Glenda and enjoy every minute!

  2. Everything in looking good there at your place.

    Have a nice trip and time with family.


  3. Your garlic is really growing. I hope to prepare a garlic bed for fall planting. Have a great trip and enjoy watching those grands. Hope the weather is perfect for you.

  4. Oh I do love that dark red iris. Just beautiful. Looks like velvet.

  5. Your garden is beautiful! Hope you have a great trip.

  6. Enjoy your trip! It is so well deserved!...:)JP