Monday, May 9, 2011

It is a very warm morning here; no sun so far. 68°

Should be a good morning for transplanting some things into the Kitchen Garden.

The peonies are beginning to fully open, the first is this single pink one, no fragrance. It is on the path between the Light Pole Bed and the Ash Tree Bed leading to the drive or to the back porch.

I like the singles and semi-doubles because the stay upright, even in heavy rains.

and this is my 'free' tuberous begonia from a local nursery when you buy $20 in other plants.

and I think this iris is Stepping Out,

and Superstition,

Well, I didn't get any transplanting done; instead planted a small patch of sweet corn Bodacious and thinned some of the lettuce. I planted way too thickly...what a waste of seeds.

We had an errand to run this morning so by the time we got back home, it was lunch time...and I am probably finished for today.

It is almost 90° and the wind is very strong. Typical Ozark weather, too cold one day and too hot the next. This should dry some gardens out very quickly.


  1. My word. 90s?! Good grief. You seem to have quite the collection of iris. I've never seen so many different varieties in one place. When I grew up we had one clay-y hillside with pale blue iris. In May Mom would cut bouquets for me to take to school and put on the May alter. I remember the smell of those iris even now, decades later. A sharp, spicy scent. I've never found one that smells like that since then. And I keep sniffing...! The iris today all have sweet or perfume-y scents, which I don't much care for. LOL

  2. I never knew it gets that hot there, Glenda! Try to keep cool! I love those Iris'...they are magnificent!...:)JP

  3. Your Iris are beautiful. Mine are finally getting buds and will probably bloom next week.

  4. I just have two peonies-Sorbet is blooming now and the other one was here when me moved here in '79. It has bigger blooms than Sorbet and if it rains they really hang their pretty heads even with a cage.

    Lots of iris beginning-love them. Got my tomatoes planted today-a whole seven plants. I planted 4 Arkansas Traveler, 1 Sun Sugar, 1 Super Sioux and a Early Goliath. The last two I haven't grown before. If they all do well should be enough tomatoes for us and our two daughters.

    Did some weeding and mulching before it got too hot-hope we aren't going into an early summer. Seems like our springs are really short.

    Take care-always enjoy your photos and what you are doing.

  5. What a treat to see your lovely blooms this afternoon.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady