Monday, May 23, 2011

I have been missing for a few days....Hips have been really bad and I gave up and went to the doctor....he still says sacroiliac but I am waiting for test results before he prescribes any nsaids for it. In the meantime, I am doing no gardening, in fact, not much of anything at all!. I am taking pain meds and a muscle relaxant at I am in a drug stupor most of the day......I probably shouldn't try to post anything!

I try to do some housework and cooking when the pain meds kick in. I also was able to do a very brief walk around the house this morning.

We were shocked and saddened by the severe storm that hit Joplin, Missouri yesterday evening. We are presently under a thunderstorm warning with the a medium risk for tornadoes today. It is very windy and cool and has rained off and on all morning.

DH found a photograph in the field this morning. No doubt it is some debris from the Joplin storm. They mentioned on the news last evening that Willard had some stuff blown in and we are just 5 miles northwest of Willard.

I took a few pictures this morning of the foundation beds around the front of the house.

This is the dining room porch bed. I show it only to show the self-seeded love-in-a-mist, nigella damascena. This is the first year I have had it self-seed and I left them all. I love how airy it is and it just fills in various spots withou crowding anything and the white is a good divider.
This shows it better.
It has a ferny leaf and the bloom is a thing of beauty,
Buff Beauty rose is in full bloom. The color which is a rich coffee cream color doesn't photograph well here.
PhotobucketSo far, this has been a great rose, no disease and very fragrant.

This is the pale blue clematis growing up behind,

This takes us to the front steps where the spirea is in full bloom; that is more nigella growing in front of it.

Random Cow Picture

I couldn't resist snapping this heifer belly deep in good grass.



  1. So sorry to hear you're in such pain. Hope to hear that you'll improve soon with rest and meds. The pictures are lovely, very airy like, a "fairy" picture in a dream.

  2. Hope you can get some relief for your hips. Being is pain is no fun. I had a ruptured disc in 1999 and they fixed it but told me I have another bulging one. I have to be really careful what I do or I pay for it-I am trying to be careful to avoid another surgery although the other one worked well. I take Aleve when needed.

    The rain has sure made things lush and lovely-your photos are very pretty-love the rose and clematis combo.

    I have family in Miami, OK and the Joplin area. A niece and her DH own two restaurants in Joplin that were damaged. My two great nieces have a duplex there and it was damaged. One is a Physicians Assistant so is helping with the injured. Talked to my sister in Miami last night and this morning. Their sirens went off-but just storms for them. Can't imagine what those poor people are going through.

    Take care--

  3. I'm glad to see your post. I wasn't sure how close you were to Joplin so was worried about you. Glad you had no damage from the storms.

    I'm sorry you're in such pain. I hope they give you an answer soon as to just what it is and they can treat it.

  4. I have been so worried about you, I am glad you posted.
    I know how it is with pain, I get it in the hip, and as usual the spine, doesn't matter what I do, even nothing, and it hurts. I try to leave the pain meds alone, but sometimes I have to, and I am in a stupor too, and I hate being that way, can't do *too* much, may turn out to be a disaster.
    We are supposed to get storms and up to 3" of rain tonight through Wed. We are already swimming and in flood warnings from the North Platte river. My garden is not doing well at the moment.
    Please take care, I am so glad you are safe.

  5. Glenda, I'd been so hoping you were 'off line' because you were having fun in the garden, not being sidelined by pain! About all I can do is hope for a *real* diagnosis and then effective treatment for you. I'm glad you managed your bit of a walk-around. I've never seen love-in-a-mist before. It's so delicate. Take care, don't overdo!