Friday, May 6, 2011

Gardening - Milking -

Yesterday was just a perfect day for working out. No wind, sunny and a lovely 63°

First thing was milking. I haven't milked in three days. All went good but I didn't get as much milk, down about a quart.

I tilled the veggie garden between rows. All the potatoes are up and the two varieties of beets. I didn't get the lettuce thinned but hope to today.

The new strawberries are looking very good. I don't think I lost a single plant.

I tackled the Garage Wall Border next. Bermuda grass is the greatest challenge to a gardener, I pulled runners three feet long. I don't use any of the weeds I pulled as mulch when BG is involved because it will set roots and go again! I am now down to the end of the bed where a Russian Sage is. I plan to take the chain saw to it today. Then I can get to the sapling maple and BG and other weeds that are inter-weaved.

On the other side of the garden path is a border of two apple trees, iris and daylilies. I weeded that also and have it finished.

I hope to take some pictures of the beds today.

After lunch and a good rest, I went back to the garden and mowed what I could with the rider. It will need some trimming with the small push mower and the string trimmer to get it really tidied up.

I noticed some buds of blooms on the blackberries and raspberries (they are getting ready to feed the Japanese Beetles). There will be cherries this year, but only a few plums.


The setting project is ended! I tossed the second girl off the nest and locked her out of the house; pitched the few remaining eggs and cleaned out the nest. We will not go down that path again. I will just buy replacement pullets.

Random Pictures

Another unknown iris

The Baltimore Orioles are back.

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