Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I knew we were going in to my MIL's for a barbecue rib dinner (Hog Wild Ribs) so I made myself get out early this morning and I am happy to report I planted:

The carrots at last, Danver's Half longs, Sugar Snax and a freebie from Baker  Creek whose name escapes me at the moment.

Then I finished the row with 30 feet of potatoes from my last year's saved tiny potatoes that were all sprouted.  It was a mix of white and Yukon Golds.  I have a peck of leftover seedling and then there are the red ones  I bought this year....I am thinking plow a potato plot in the new garden/orchard area.  This might be the year to raise all the potatoes we can.  Once up and mulched, they don't require much care.

I planted a 8 inch pot of lettuce yesterday and also broadcast some dill around a couple of roses.  I did grandma's trick of placing rose branches over the bare dirt.  When one has 9-12 cats, something must be done!

I was delighted to see the beginnings of the spinach popping up, also the sugar snap peas are up.

I was on a roll  but had to quit to get ready for town.

I want to plant  some lettuce direct....maybe even risk cilantro and more dill.


We gave 2 dozen to our mailman today.  We have had him since we  moved  out here in 1976.  He was bringing the bird house to the door.....the pole came yesterday so all that is left is the base thing that attached to the house to receive the pole.   I will begin the assembly process tomorrow.

Then as we headed to town, we stopped at another neighbors and gave them two dozen.....took one more dozen to MIL.

We still have the fridge almost full but our daughter is coming in next weekend and we will give them as many as they can handle.

An old buff hen is setting.....I am not going that route again. The eggs aren't fertile.  I don't have enough rooster power and he is getting pretty old.............

I may trade some eggs with a new neighbor who has chickens.  Theirs run free which sounds  really good until you realize they have lost about half the flock now!  They may even need eggs!

No pictures....just want to post to keep the journal current for me.


  1. Glenda, I tried to pull up your post about a Birdhouse, but it said "page not found." I also suggested that another blogger contact you...she tried to make her own cheese and could use your expertise. I told her you knew EVERYTHING!...:)JP

    1. JP, I hit publish a bit too fast this morning! Sorry.

  2. I see you are getting lots of rain down there. Bet that really helps with your current plantings. :-D Good grief on those eggs! It's just hard to imagine that many in one place and that place NOT being a supermarket. LOL

  3. Moth balls keep cats out of gardens, just sprinkle them around the edge of the garden. You will have to do this again when the moth balls dissolve.

    Another cat deterent, equal parts vinegar, liquid soap and water. Just spray garden.

    Your garden planting sounds wonderful. WOW, it great that you have that many eggs being produced. Enjoy, have a great evening.

    1. Moth balls are toxic to earthworms and other beneficial critters.

    2. Thanks for the tip about the cats, both of you. I think the Mama cat or one of the only two females not spayed is pregnant.....something must be done.

  4. My goodness, no wonder your chickens are so productive - they take after you. I'm not sure I accomplish in a month what you do in a day!

  5. I wouldn't put moth balls anywhere near where I was growing food. Those rose bush trimmings should do the trick, anyway.

    That's the thing about free-range chickens. They do get picked off by predators. And they lay their eggs in weird places.

    Sorry you're having trouble with the bird house. Wish we were closer, I'd send Hubs over! XOXOXOXO

    1. I would have paid Hubs to do it! I told you my 'hubs' was not a handyman......he did help me with the roof but he wouldn't have done this at all if left on his own.