Friday, December 18, 2009

34° this morning with a cold front coming in.


Yesterday while waiting for the temperature to warm up, I made a batch of what we call Reece's, peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate. Today I will do Spritz Butter cookies and maybe one or two others.
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I knew yesterday was supposed to be our last nice day for a while so decided to get the rest of the mulching done.

DH brought me 4 more bales of straw and I spent a couple of hours late in the afternoon finishing the asparagus row and a weedy corner of the garden. I used the old hay bales (left in the yard for over a week) to mulch the flower border that runs along the south side of the garden, a "found" rose cutting that appeared when the hostas died back....I don't even remember which rose it is, the rosemary and dahlias and the new herb bed that has garlic up about 6 inches and several other fall planted things. I used three bags of leaves to mulch them.

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  1. Glenda ~ I would love your peanut butter balls recipe. DH would love these I know, so would I.

    It sounds like your busy there taking care of your gardens and making plans for next year.

    Have a lovely Christmas ~ FlowerLady