Sunday, December 20, 2009

This and That

Yesterday was errand day which is always tiring but necessary.


We went to the farmer's co-op to pick up some grains for the chickens. I think I will experiment with just feeding them grains instead of egg krumbles or pellets. I like knowing what they are eating and you never do with pellets. I bought rolled corn, whole oats (I wanted wheat but would have had to go to another building across town for that), and for insurance a bag of krumbles. They will also get all table scraps and I will pull the blasted henbit for them as long as it is green.

It will be interesting to see how this works. I know my grandmother raised her chickens on scraps and whole corn she shelled off the cob each evening to feed them. I have gone to the corn crib with her many times. I think this is another reason I want to grow open pollinated corn next year. My corn crib will just be some large trash bins though.

The new heater for their water is malfunctioning..........don't know what that is about. It is now working.


From Food
From Food

I have made spritz butter cookies and Russian Teacake cookies now. I have never had trouble with the cookie press.........but did this year. Finally got through with that ordeal.

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