Friday, December 25, 2009

The predicted winter weather arrived! The temperature was 50° yesterday and this morning at 3AM was 17° with strong winds and a windchill of around zero. We didn't get the heavy snow that Oklahoma got or that those further north got.

I love this time of day. The house is clean (relatively), warm, no noise except for the wind outside, I have my coffee and time alone with the computer.....its a great life. There is just something about being snug inside with bad weather blowing out that makes you feel fortunate.

Oh, I do hear the cat zipping through the house like something possessed. I guess this is her play time. I need to get her a toy.

Our Christmas plans may get changed due to the weather. Our daughter was driving in this afternoon from the Kansas City area and that may not happen because the snow and ice.

Yes, plans changed; coming in tomorrow......we hope.

So, today I baked bread and made a cheesecake.....when I have time on my hands.......I tend to cook.

We didn't get nearly as much snow as others. This is the Cellar Bed across the drive from the house in the east yard.

From Winter Snow Storm 2009

and a Red Bellied Woodpecker hanging on for dear life in the wind!
From Winter Snow Storm 2009


  1. I would not enjoy that frigid cold at all. It was 82 here today, humid and breezy. We had a little rain this morning, but that was it.

    Is your cellar for when a tornado is coming? I remember running to a cellar in OK when I was probably 3-4 years old. There was a bare light bulb hanging down, and that's all I remember. I can barely picture my mother and baby sister too.

    Tornadoes scare me. Hurricanes scare me too.

    I can just imagine being snug in your place, having a cup of coffee and enjoying computer time.

    Have a nice weekend.


  2. Yes, in fact, my husband and another man took shelter in it once and were safely inside when a large tree that was growing in front fell across the door. They had to crawl under it to get out.

    I was in the house taking a shower! No damage to anything else with that one.

    A later one took out the pole barn at the back of the farm and scattered metal roofing all over the fields back there. Some is still wrapped around trees and will remain there.

    They scare me to death. The only bad thing about the cellar is that it is quite a distance across the yard and driveway. It used to have water and lights but somehow over the years in various people digging, they are not working. I would really like to figure out the lights, not so much the water. We may have to get an electrician to figure it out.

    Hurricanes would scare me too! Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with.