Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I made myself do something I have been dreading for a year..........created a new spread sheet for the beef cattle, with columns for calving dates. You would think this should just be a simple thing but it took me almost two hours, with reading, comparing handwritten pages (by my husband....not always easy to decode), making corrections and finally getting the number correct. I think I finally have it.
Not fun, but it has been driving me crazy having two or three sheets that were not correct.

This morning I decided to milk again so I wouldn't have to in the 8° temps they are predicting for us over the next couple of days. That went well; at least she didn't put her foot in the bucket.

We wrapped some water lines that were right on the concrete block wall of the milk parlor that are prone to freezing and blowing the cap off the end of the pvc pipeline. I pulled them loose from the wall and put fiberglass batting between them and the wall. We also put plastic over the inside of the window with the exhaust fan because a lot of air comes in around it.

I moved the squash away from the wall and closer to the gas stove where we leave a burner on very low to keep everything from freezing out there. So far, they are keeping much better than the pie pumpkins. They are Butternut and Long Island Cheese, both moschata varieties that are supposed to keep well.

I put fresh straw in the hen's nests and scattered some on the floor of their coop for insulation for them. We are letting them outside today but won't when the temps drop. There were three hens on the nest and we scared one off.
They have been laying better if we keep them confined in cold weather.

I have DH in taking all the decorations off the tree (bless him!) I hate doing it.
He has quite a collection of Hallmark cars and trucks and tractor ornaments and likes to look at them up close and personal. Our daughter has been at Hallmark since college and gets us both an ornament each year, 17 years now I think.

I also got the seeds ready to mail tomorrow for a couple of Oklahoma gardening friends. I will send them in with my husband tomorrow. I hope they are germinate well for them.

Here is my bird picture of the day:
From Birds

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  1. That was a busy day!

    Spreadsheets are wonderful. I remember BC (before computers), we used to buy those long pads of ledger paper and do our spreadsheets by hand. Just think how much work that would have been without the computer!

    I've started using a spreadsheet to keep track of my seed stash, with comments about how those I have grown did, whether I have enough seed to trade, and where and when I got the seed. I love that it can be sorted several different ways.

    I still have some Warsaw Buffs that I haven't cut into yet. Amazing how long winter squash will keep. Saves a lot of freezer room!

    Happy New Year to you and yours!