Saturday, December 12, 2009

Glad to report the cold snap is past. We got down to 9° one morning.

We did get the strawberry bed mulched with some help from my friends..........Photobucket

I got the henhouse bedded with straw, cleaned the nest boxes and removed extra pans from the floor so they would have more room. We kept them up during the coldest days (2). Even with all that loving attention, they are still not laying.

My neighbor sells eggs so we had to give in and buy hurt!

We are back in more normal temperatures for us, the 40's day and 20's nights. It almost feels like summer.

I have vowed to learn how to use my camera better this winter. I am taking bird pictures outside the kitchen window. I have a feeder hanging there so can get some closeup shots.

This is a White Crowned Sparrow. He/she lit on the Endless Summer Hydrangea bloom right beneath the kitchen window. This seems to be a favorite perch when leaving the feeder or if too many are there before him.

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