Monday, December 28, 2009

The house is back to just DH and me and seems very quiet.....not a bad thing!

The sun is shining very brightly for a change and I do love that. I have decided to start walking again....just a 15-20 minute walk but I think it will be good for me. This makes day 2...maybe if I put it in writing I will feel guilty if I don't do it.

We got some birding gifts for Christmas which we love, a squirrel proof tube feeder, a little bell shaped shelter for small birds, and a hanging seed/nut bell in a sock. I don't know about the shelter, but the feeders are very popular.

I love southern authors and our son gave me two of Rick Bragg's books, 'The Prince of Frog Town' and his latest, 'the most they ever had'. I already have Ava's Man and have read his other 'All Over but the Shouting'. He writes about "our people", who originally came from the hills of Tennessee and North Carolina and were farmers, coon hunters, white lightnin, hard working, hard drinking, hard fighting men. When I read Ava's Man, I told our son he had to read it and he would know from whence he came!

We still have some leftover turkey dinner so lunch today will be easy. I froze the leftover sweets so we wouldn't be tempted.

This was milking morning....cow stepped into bucket and wasted about a quart. I was not pleased!

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