Saturday, December 26, 2009

Unplannned extra work

This is what happens when you forget what you are doing.

A couple of days ago, DH and I were in the garage getting something out of the freezer. He suggested I take some frozen fruit down to the house. This is what usually is dessert for us (not during the holidays!). I selected a package of peaches and what I thought was crushed strawberries, thinking I would make a small batch of jam for our granddaughter who loves it.

Then I went to the milk parlor where I process the milk, I dropped the fruits into the deep (I stress deep so I can't see them) stainless steel sink and proceeded to do two or three other things, thinking do not forget to take these to the house when you are finished. Two days was time to milk again. There still laying in the sink was the very thawed fruit, peaches have turned a darker color, and the strawberries (which turned out to be cherries) getting pale.
Frugal (tightwad) that I am, I took them to the house and made a batch of peach preserves and cherry jam. Granddaughter probably won't eat the cherry jam, but we will!

Waste not; want not..........that's my motto.


  1. Don't they both look delicious! I've never made preserves or jam. I've never done canning. I've read about freezer jams and preserves, but haven't tried that either.

    I LOVE your header!!!

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Oh, yummmmm.

    I love to make jam. I love to eat it too so that's where the problem is.

    Trying to get back on the diet, which means cutting 'way back on the sugar.

    But I feasted on your jam with my eyes. Great job!

  3. I would have done the same thing...those words ring in my ear, WASTE NOT, WANT NOT!