Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Chickens

The weather here is very dreary, some light rain, no sun in sight, but a mild 42°. Another cold front is moving in soon.

We found some 6 month old pullets on Craig's List in Monett and decided to buy a few to supplement our girls who are not laying at all! They were very nice size and beginning to lay already. We bought 8 and brought them home in a light rain covered with a tarp. We arrived safely and I decided to cover the pen side of the coop with some old greenhouse plastic to make a snug place for them. I want to keep them isolated for a while so they can get used to the hen house and make friends with our chickens through the wire wall. I just enclosed the south and west walls, the north is the wall of the enclosed coop and I left the east side open. They have settled in nicely and are singing happily. I even got an egg this morning.

I couldn't wait any longer to test the mincemeat so I made a small batch of tarts this morning. I think it needs a little sugar added; outside of that, I like it very much and it reminds me of Grandma's.

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