Thursday, December 3, 2009

Winter Entertainment

From Birds

We both get such a kick out of feeding the birds and trying to get pictures of them out the kitchen window. It is much easier to feed them!

This morning may have been our coldest yet 26°, but with very little wind.
I milked Willow, but left one quarter for Ginger, her baby. The adoptee is certainly big enough to wean, but I let him share with Ginger except on days that I choose to milk. I fed the calves and wormed all six cats. It was much easier than I anticipated.

I have baked an angel-food cake and cooked brown rice for our lunch. I will be doing fried rice with ham bits and cake with frozen (out of my patch) strawberries.
We are both trying to be better about what we eat (interpret that as lose weight).

I received my Park Seed Co. order yesterday, short the back-ordered Candy onion seed.
Very annoying since I ordered so early. They did the same thing last year which put my onion plants way behind. I may just cancel.

Inventoried my garden seeds finally and shouldn't have to order anything more.

The rest of the day will be spent in my 'nest' in the kitchen reading. My Dad used to call it that and it fits the spot perfectly.

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