Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This is a trial and error blog! So, I have changed the template to see if it will accommodate the new size.

I want to be able to post some pictures in a larger size, especially the birds.
From Birds

I have learned a little more about my is about time. I have had it for a a couple of years. There is a very generous member named Sharon on the GardenWeb Cooking Forum who takes professional pictures of food. She has generously created a blog called Food Photo Tips at I have applied the closeup shot method to the birds. I take them all through the kitchen window using the zoom until it is not blurry and in macro. I sometimes adjust the White Balance and sometimes leave it on automatic.

I am using a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ8, which is just a point and shoot or you can do some manual adjustments.....I haven't got beyond this.


  1. Hey kiddo, I love that pic of the female cardinal. I hope you don't mind that I copied it and I'm using it as a screen saver right now.

    I do notice that not all the pic is showing on the blog, though, and I've had that happen on my blog. If you go in to edit and click on the picture, then choose a size smaller for display than what you have, it will show the whole picture on your blog.

    You should start a caption contest with that picture. My entry would be,

    "So I says to him, 'I ain't just your egg layer, ya know! I gotta get out an' mingle!'"

  2. Ilene, I changed the format of the Blog so I can see the whole picture now. I hope others can.

    I don't like having the name on the picture, or maybe just very small in a corner in italics?

    You feel free to use any pics you want.

  3. Hi Glenda,
    I just enjoyed doing some catching up on your blog. I've really been busy, and have not been keeping up on my blog reading since the end of December. You sure are a busy woman! Wow, you made cottage cheese from your own cows' milk!

    Thank you for your encouraging comment on my kitchen post. I saw it right after the guy left from showing us his design for the kitchen. We chose some very nice features and materials, and the total ended up being 5,000 more than we had planned to budget. We just couldn't think of enough changes to bring it down enough to make much of a difference, so we just kept it that much. It's going to be tough for a few months, because we are going to have to pay income tax. We both work for the schools, and for some reason, they only took $48.00 out for Federal taxes for the year. Also, my breaks may need to be worked on on my car.

    I like your suggestions. We won't be able pay the extra for the freezer on the bottom, but I really like the side by side we have picked out. He did the cabinet along the wall where the silver shelf is right now with the upper cupboard sitting on it, and with glass doors, but I reminded him that I wanted open shelving with separation so I can use the counter for appliances, so would need more outlets on the wall. He is going to change that, but it will be an open cupboard, not shelves, but that should be OK.

    I read your comment to Larry, then showed him FlowerLady's kitchen photos. I wish we were handy like her and her husband. After supper, we were both in the kitchen, and he asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this. He said maybe we should just have them do the u-shaped part and leave the rest the way it is, or put some track shelves up, which is what I had wanted to do at one time. He pointed to the hoosier, and said, that was me, and FlowerLady's kitchen is me, but what they are going to do is not. I told him I'll make it me by what I put on the shelves. We better like it, because we are going to be making large payments for 5 years. Our house will once again be paid for when we are in our early 60s.

    I have also enjoyed reading about the things you've done in your barn and milk parlor. I'll post updates when I get a chance.