Saturday, September 4, 2010

August 28, 2010

Another dry and windy day here but a little cooler. I sure hope the predicted Thursday rains get here.

Not much has been happening. I did can 6 quarts of tomato juice; I am now up to 15 quarts total of juice. The rest DH picked for me will go into salsa today.

I milked my gallon and 1/4 this morning and let the two babies have the balance. It went well.

I plan to get out to the orchard garden and water where I planted turnip seeds. I don't know if I have had any germination yet or not. I haven't been back there in over a week so the pumpkin patch may have succumbed to the dry and squash bugs. DH will help me pick the rest of the tomatoes so guess I will be canning tomorrow again.


  1. Glenda, didn't you get any of the heavy rain around Spfd. Wed. or Thurs.? Here in Texas County we got 4.25 Wednesday-rained all day- and 1/2 inch Thursday night-first major rain we have had in about a month and a half. So grateful and so needed.

    Need to go get 4 new dayliles in the ground. Was going to wait until late Sept. or early Oct. but since it rained and is cool will go ahead and put them in the ground instead of potting them up.

    Take care-Bev J.

  2. Bev, I have to apologize that my posts are out of order. I relabeled them as to the date, but they will all show the day I actually submitted them.

    I have been out of sorts for a few days and did the posts but just didn't add pictures or get around to posting them. I did them all this morning....hope I am caught up now. I wanted them all for a record for myself.

    What new daylilies did you get. I have about swore off any more new plants...........

    To answer your question, yes we got right around 7 inches over the two day period. We were just thrilled. DH got drenched twice but when he came in looking like a drowned rat, he said he wasn't going to complain! It seems the grass greened up overnight.
    We are happy and I know the cows are happy....much cooler too.

    Glad you all got some.