Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Llama - Corkscrew Vine - Grandpa Otts - A small thing for the house

Very nice here this morning, 64°. Still no rain. Tomorrow is supposed to be the rainy day.

We ordered another llama yesterday from our neighbor. I hope he manages to get it delivered before the heifers start calving.

We have noticed the new bull is very mouthy! We aren't used to that. I hope he stops eventually.

Interesting sideline to the bull story, the couple (in their 70's) that we bought him from looked to be the nicest people. Their home was immaculate, the lawn and gardens beautiful and money seemed to be no problem. My aunt tells me the wife took off August 25. Evidently over the 49-year marriage she has done that twice before. This time he found that she hadn't paid their taxes for three years. He left all business transactions and bill paying up to her! The place sold on the courthouse steps this year and he missed the deadline to buy it back by three days! What a mess. After meeting them, it is almost impossible to believe it.
What is that old saying? "You can't tell a book by its cover!"

We finished mowing yesterday and that is about all we got done except I made DH clean out the feed room. He hauled two trash cans to the dumpster for pickup.
I had ordered feed for today's delivery and didn't want to be embarrassed by his messy feed room! He is not a tidy man...........

The morning glories tried to choke out the autumn clematis again but it prevailed.

You can smell it all over the back yard.

From September 2010
and here is Grandpa Otts

From September 2010
No doubt he will be coming up all over the farm after we are dead and gone. Quite often in places I would rather he wasn't (coming up that is).

Here is the vigna caracalla (corkscrew) vine. I planted early so I would get seeds....notice the blooms are at the roof line. I have to stand out in the yard at the end of the porch to see them. I don't know if I will be able to smell them that far off. Maybe the one vine that ran across the porch sideways will set blooms. This plant frustrate me so much. I saw one at the local garden and it was in full glorious bloom on the corner of an arbor support. Why can't I get mine to behave that way? I keep trying. The bloom and the fragrance are worth it.

From September 2010


I have never been good with house plants but I have finally managed to keep three alive and looking decent. They were still in the little plastic pots from the store after several years. Every time they got dry, over they would go, sometimes falling to the floor. Finally, I made a point of finding some ceramic (heavy) containers for them.........then that little project waited for a week. Yesterday was the big day. I re-potted them.

I was very pleased how the blue pot looks with the wall paper in the dining room. I did not plan that.
From Inside House


  1. Lookin' good!

    I planted Grandpa Ott one year and that was all that was needed. He comes up everywhere now. Even hitched a ride over here at the new place in some of the plants and raised bed dirt we brought over. Not sure I will ever plant MG again.

    We, too, are waiting on the rain and hoping none of us gets too much of a good thing! Hugs, Ilene

  2. Glenda, what does it mean when you say "the bull is mouthy?" Is he talking your ears off? Chewing on everything like a puppy? Making funny faces at the cows? LOL

    Gee, I'd love to have a nice morning glory I don't have to plant every year....

    Looking forward to new llama pics. How is the one you have?