Monday, September 20, 2010

Weeding Disaster -

Yesterday, I made a serious and very dangerous mistake cleaning up the light pole bed. This is where the propane generator sits with a copper tubing type gas line running from the 1000 gallon propane tank to it.

I decided I could set the mower blade at its highest and just mow around some things; I snagged the gas line going to the generator and immediately smelled gas. I shut everything down and could hear the gas hissing from the line. I ran to the tank and turned the valve off until the hissing stopped. Now here we are on Sunday, with a semi emergency on hand. Where are the gas suppliers when you need them. We played pass the buck a couple of times before I gave in and called our regular very high priced HVAC people who were out in an hour. It was a simple fix; I had just pulled the fitting loose. I am afraid to get the bill!
From September 2010
So, I spent almost three hours this morning cutting by hand with the loppers and the hedge trimmers some very tall stuff so I could actually see what I was doing. I exposed some very large stepping stones I had forgotten about. Now I think I can safely guide DH in there with the brush hog and cut most of it down. I will not be driving the tractor.

This is one of the beds that will be simplified next year to mostly mowing.

With the onset of fall some things are looking better.

These always make me happy, the white vinca.
From September 2010
and my one surviving Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate plant:
From September 2010
Also I have noticed all the red salvia get a much richer shade of red as the temps start cooling down.

This is Lady in Red that edges the Hummingbird Bed and comes up voluntarily each year.

Ilene has been showing us her white hyacinth bean vine which is adapting to its new home beautifully. My purple one is now 24 feet long and I promise you is one single vine! I can find very few seed pods, but I do have my eye on some on the back side. I think this must be a special plant so I do hope I can save some seeds. Hint: It is also planted at the base of the compost pile on the back side of the fence....that might have something to do with its jack-in-the-bean stalk growth.


  1. Dear Glenda ~ So glad it didn't end in a real disaster. Maybe they won't charge you too much. (One can always hope.)

    I love vincas too. The are so easy, need little care. I have white and pink ones, and maybe purple too, plus some newer colors gotten this year, they don't seem as hardy.

    Wow on your purple hyacinth bean.

    Have a nice evening and a great day tomorrow.


  2. So glad you only snagged the line and there were no sparks to ignite a fire. Someone was watching over you for sure. Be careful out there, gal. We don't want anything to happen to ya!

    I'm lusting after your hyacinth bean vine. From a whole expensive pack of seeds this spring, I didn't even get one single sprout! *grumble*

    Take care...

  3. OMGosh Glenda! So glad all you lost was some gas and some $$ for the repair! Could've been a lot worse.

    Loved your hyacinth bean plant. My purple one is growing at the Ponca house, and blooming, but it is in semi-shade and not very thick. I'm convinced they want full sun.

    Your salvia looks great! Salvia I have grown never seem to get very big. Even Yvonne's. I'll try again next spring.

    KMOTGG reminds me of those trees you see sometimes in Japanese art.