Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Rain - Corkscrew Vine - Organizing Freezer

The predicted rains came. I don't know how much yet but a very good one. We were still wet from previous rains but will not complain.

I woke up early so just got up at 3 AM. Of course, I had gone to bed very early. Sitting in my chair in the kitchen is getting very old. I read a little and watched a little PBS TV and was sound asleep very early. The thunder woke me and I got up and unplugged the computer and peripherals. We didn't get any severe weather but an area further south and east of us did; trees down and power out.

DH is having to do everything without assistance these days. He managed to unload the cattle trailer and get the steer loaded without many difficulties. We delivered him to the processor yesterday morning around 8 AM. In about 11 days we should have meat in the freezer. We still have hamburger but nothing else. I am looking forward to a good roast.

I looked over the yard and almost cried........he has been keeping up with the mowing but trimming is something he doesn't even see! I took the cutters to him and made him cut down a couple of tree-sized weeds by the garage door. I have already warned him that today I will be supervising and "we" will be trimming. I hope if I wrap my wrist I can hold the trimmer myself. He hates using it. Still very little improvement with the prednisone at such a low dose. I may call doctors today.

Corkscrew Vine

It finally opened wide but is so high up that I can't smell it from the porch. I just hope it makes seed. I think wasps are the pollinator; hope they find it.

I took this picture in early morning light (almost before sunrise). The Buff Beauty rose is blooming again. Finally there are no Japanese Beetles to mar the blossoms.


  1. So sorry to hear that your wrists are keeping you from your normal chores. I can imagine your frustration!

    Your roses look lovely and it appears you have a lot more buds to open. Hope your corkscrew gets some pollinators.... Take care. Enjoy the rain!

  2. Please take care, and don't over do it.
    You are lucky to have the ability to grow your own beef. I'm in the middle of beef country, and I can't find "good" unadulterated beef. Its all feedlot grown and full of junk I don't want to eat.
    Enjoy your rain, and garden.

  3. Oh, that corkscrew vine is wonderful! I hope it makes seed, too. Looks like the blooms are up too high to hand pollinate, but you're not in any shape to be doing that even if there were some down lower. Let's sing the bee song, maybe they will hear it and come to do their thing.
    This is becoming "the summer of your discontent", isn't it. I sure hope something good works out soon. I hate Prednisone myself but sometimes pain forces me to take it anyway. I'm hobbling around now because I missed a step going down to the lower level yesterday. Twisted my arm and jarred my back but they're both ok. My right heel is another matter. It scraped down the edge of one of the steps and ow, oww, owww! I cannot put any weight on it, get around by crawling on all fours. Today is day two and I'm not much better, but then again, no worse. Been watching a lot of TV. Don't know how Hubs stands it.
    I hope things get better soon. Hugs, Ilene

  4. So sorry you are still having wrist problems. Makes my broken toe (I think) seem like a really small deal. Hit it on the exercise bike while making the bed this morning-hard enough to make it bleed and it is sore now. Have some thong type shoes to wear thank goodness.

    Your roses and vine looks very pretty. I am always amazed how rain can make brown and crunchy grass green again so fast. Still have some places we will probably have to reseed.

    Hope you get some relief soon-this aging out business is not fun!!