Saturday, September 4, 2010

Another Overnight Rain

September 2, 1010

We got another inch of rain....we are at 7 inches now (I think).

Much nicer weather.


I know most people don't like liver of any kind....I do, especially chicken livers which I never buy or cook. DH doesn't eat liver (high cholesterol food) and doesn't really even like it. I have been thinking about chicken livers and finally risked buying some. They were delicious.

I just flour and salt them. Fry in oil of choice (I used canola with some butter for flavor). When they are almost done, I move to one side and fry peppers and onions. I like them over rice with a little sauce I make (like cashew chicken sauce).
From Food


I still haven't made it back to the orchard garden. I am almost afraid to go back and see what disasters might have occurred.


  1. Your dinner looks delicious. I've not fixed chicken liver in who knows how long, but I did fix some calf liver recently and it was good.

    Glad you've gotten some rain, and are having cooler temps and that you've gotten some canning done. It all looks wonderful.

    Have a good weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. I am also glad you received rain. We have been dry here in Nebraska. We had our first 39* Thurs am, so fall is around the corner.
    Dinner looked fabulous, what time is dinner next go round? lol
    Take care and have a great Labor Day holiday

  3. Goodness, Glenda. 4 posts in 1 day? Your fingers must be flying on that keyboard.

    While I don't care for chicken livers, the pic of your dinner looks luscious.

    We're still dry as a bone here. Temps are jumping from 45 to 90. It's just crazy.

    Happy Labor Day weekend!

  4. Wow, Glenda, that's a lotta rain! You beat me by several inches but hey, I'm not complainin'! Sure is good to see everything bouncing back after all that hot and dry. Well, almost everything. Hugs! --Ilene

  5. Yum, chicken livers are one of my favourites. I make them similar to yours.