Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cherry Pies - weeding - shopping

We are having a very hot day for the last of summer!

I did get out around 8 AM this morning and finished (did you hear? finished!) the big driveway border. The good thing about leaving the very tall perilla was that it shaded the ground and so there were practically no tiny grass -like weeds around any iris! Those are the ones I hate the most.

DH loaded up his first pickup load of debris to haul off........more to follow.

A dear internet friend who has had lots of muscle pain and other difficulties sent me a box of massage oils and some of her special homemade soap, and other items that she believes are very healing for joints. I also have a list of things to get when we do our Wal Mart thing later this afternoon, fish oil, flax seed and some B-complex. I want to do everything I can to help my body heal itself.

She also suggested drinking cherry juice concentrate, eating cherries, even pie daily. That was all the suggestion I needed. I used the last of the new recipe for pie crust that I had frozen and made 2 cherry pies. I make large pies so was a little short for the top crust on one and just laid it on top and couldn't make the stand up edging. We ate it hot, like cherry cobbler for lunch.
The crust holds up well after freezing.
From Food

Two flower pictures from today:

I don't think this rose of sharon has ever spread out and down like it has this year, but I love it and hope it continues this way. My others are more vase-like.

and a mid-size,self-seeded salvia spendens at the edge of the Light Pole Bed.


  1. Hurray, a friend of yours sent you some massage oils. We use them too, and they are very healing. Read up on all the natural ways of helping our bodies to heal. These ways are gifts from the Great Creator God. There are herbs, essential oils, grains, fruits and vegetables.

    I did a lot outside this morning too. It felt good. Still have some more to do tomorrow morning.

    Love and hugs and prayers for healing to you.


  2. Ahh, your massage oil and soap friend! The only thing better than receiving a package from her is having her spend an evening chatting over your supper table. ;) Will be interested to hear which herbs and essentials work best to provide some relief. And what a delight to discover that cherry pie is medicinal, eh?

    Something else to research and try --- I have a friend who swears by golden raisins soaked in gin. He said you fill a jar with the raisins, pour in good gin to cover, let steep a few days. Then fish out and eat 2 to 5 raisins each day. He has his at the end of his lunch. I have laughed and teased him for years that it's the gin that gets him through the second half of the day feeling good, but he insists that there's something proven about the juniper in the gin and the minerals in the raisins. Except for the marinaded raisins, he's a non-drinker, so perhaps it's worth a google!

    Love visiting in your kitchen and garden. Thanks for taking the time to post so much inspiration and motivation!

    SDJ at SV Farm in OR

  3. That's my kind of therapy....PIE! Heh.

    I do believe, too, that our Creator put everything we need, naturally, on this earth. We've lost the knowledge and it's hard to get it back, after so many years of doctors and other so-called learned people discounting the value. They're finally coming around, too, now that so many of the people who knew what to use for what are long gone....

  4. Great looking pies and I have also heard that cherries are good for you. I like to eat frozen cherries (I bought mine at Wal-Mart) from the bag like candy.