Monday, September 27, 2010

The Trip that wasn't - Orchard -

It is very cool this morning, 43°and we are 'testing' the furnace.

Saturday, I thought I wanted to take a day trip down south. We hadn't even got to Lebanon yet and I told DH that it seemed silly to burn all that gas and sit in the truck for 2 or 3 we visited the nearby Apple orchard instead.
I bought a bushel of Jonathans and one of Golden Delicious. I also bought 5 lbs of Grimes Golden just to make a comparison between them and Golden Delicious. We have been going to the orchard for several years now and he is a very nice man. He suggested that I buy seconds and save a lot of money for what I wanted them for....freezer for pies and the Goldens for canned applesauce. They were just $17 a bushel which I thought was a very fair price. The apples are huge with very few soft places or discolored spots on the skin. I processed 7 quarts and just tossed half of two apples. I hope to finish them today. Jonathans are my favorites for cooking and for pies but they don't last long off the tree.
From Harvest 2010
I fried up a skillet for breakfast too
From Harvest 2010

I cooked the peelings and cores yesterday and will make jelly today. I want to buy a gallon of fresh cider first. I like to add a little for flavor.

I think I will try canning the rest of the apples...we are running out of freezer space rapidly and I know the beef will be ready today. I have never canned apples before but it sounds simple enough.

These are the Cherokee Trail of Tears beans I picked yesterday; these may become my favorite bean,
From Harvest 2010
They are never stringy even when picked in the larger stage like those on top.


  1. Looks good, Glenda! Hope you have better luck canning than I did. Heh.

  2. Oh my, I love fried apples with biscuits and butter!! They look really delicious.

    Your trip sounds like the ones we take every year now that we are older. We have been going to Fantastic Caverns for I know the last 5 years and haven't got there yet. Somehow we talk ourselves out of it-same with Branson used to go down 3 or 4 times a year-see a show, stay overnight and then back home. We don't like to be away from our bed now. Must be a reason?? Age??

  3. You lucky little lady, apples and an orchard to get them from, I'm so jealous.
    I have to wait for the fruit people to come back from Colorado from the plateau where they have all the orchards and fruit, we do not have orchards around where I am, it's kinda is a pain.
    Last week, I caught the fruit peddlers, but they were out of apples, so I need to catch them so I can put up a few quarts of apples.
    Take care and have fun, your apples look absolutly yummy.

    Take care