Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Llama - Weaned Calves

The new llama was delivered today. She is Marlena's mother. I am naming her Bette as in Bette Davis Eyes. I think she is prettier that Marlena. DH thinks she may be more aggressive....a good thing.
From Llama

DH took several pictures (he always does!)so if you want to see more. Just click on the picture.

He also is beginning to wean the beef calves for selling. I think he has eight up so far. They were very curious about the llama in the pen next to them.
From Cows and Heifers

Made a mad dash to the doctor with my left wrist; more x-rays and a prescription for predisone. My wrist is already better after just two pills. Keeping my fingers crossed. He is not sure about the diagnosis now..........


  1. Glenda ~ I'm glad your wrist is feeling better, but now the dr. isn't sure about the diagnosis? That must have been thrilling news, NOT.

    Your llama is cute.

    Enjoy your day there on the farm.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. It's not funny that the doctor doesn't know for sure, is it? Been there, done that! Hopefully he's brainstorming with his colleagues or digging around in the medical books for some clues.

    So now you've got the Mama Llama! LOL I love how those words just roll off the tongue.

    You know I love ya. Hugs, Ilene