Friday, September 24, 2010

Harvest Corn, Fresh Trail of Tears Beans - Ditch Trimming

I tackled the east front ditch this morning....imagine two months of crab grass about 3 feet tall for about 35 feet.........bless that old Stihl grass trimmer. I whizzed through that in no time. I just started the west side, but played out after about 15 feet...will finish tomorrow.

Next I headed out to the Orchard Garden to chop some pig weed from around my few turnip plants.While back there, I decided to harvest my crop of field corn before the rains begin and mold sets in. It didn't make as much as I anticipated, but I guess that is the difference between heirloom and hybrid corn. I haven't shucked it yet.
From September 2010
I noticed the Trail of Tears Beans growing up the stalks was large enough to pick a few so I did.

Then I got so tired of seeing all the blasted gray squash bugs on the failed Seminole Indian Pumpkin patch, I decided to mow it all down. Of course, I had failed to mark my sweet potato row and those vines have gone crazy and I mowed over about 10 feet of the row, topping a potato or two. So, then we had to harvest a few hills of Beauregard sweet potatoes. They seem very long and slender this year.
I think I will try to get a soil test done this winter.

So for dinner today we will be having:

Sweet potatoes (not cured)
Barely sauteed fresh green beans
Mashed Yukon Gold potatoes
Pork Chops for DH and I will have liver and onions.
Cherry Pie
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From Food

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I do enjoy hearing from you all!

Susan, I can imagine what fun you all had. Wow, just think cherry pie and now I get to add that would be raisins to my list of health foods.


  1. What time is supper! Looks wonderful.
    You have been busy dear lady, I wish I was closer, I would love fresh cow milk from your post the other day, and some fresh, and I mean fresh cream. The crap we get in the store is what I said,(crap) and I bought some the other day from the store and took it back, it was bad. And the cost, 7.98 for a quart!
    Have a great weekend

  2. Yum, I will have pork chops with your DH-not much on liver, but bacon grease and onions help it. Also, add one of your hamburger buns and a soft cookie for dessert. Thank you. Grin

    Lovely bouquet you posted! Loving the rain and cooler weather. Going to a family reunion fish fry tonight so long sleeves are in order,