Thursday, September 23, 2010

Busy Morning

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This was milk morning and I was so thankful I am now able to do that...milk. We had a busy morning planned so I wanted to keep to a schedule of milking at 8, finished up at 8:30; then help DH load the sale calves and off to the Sale Barn, back home and then to town for lunch with the in-laws.

Willow would not cooperate; she would not let her milk all. Did you know cows can do that? She has always adored her babies and really just wants them to nurse; me she just tolerates but has always let down her milk eventually. I wash her udder, strip her a few times and slowly you can feel her udder fill up and milking is easy. I finally led her outside and tied her where she could see the babies......still no let down.

DH said to just let her wait and we would do the calves first and then come back and I could milk. Well one hour later I am back and this time decided to just let her baby in with me to nurse while I milked my side. Worked like a charm and I got as much milk from my half as I have been getting milking all her quarters on milk day. She has been holding back for the calves! I will now be milking on shares on my day to milk! She has been giving twice what I thought.

She just looks independent, doesn't she?

From Cows and Heifers
We are back home and still waiting to the calves to sell. This was a big day at the barn so it may be late this evening before we can go in and pick up the check. They will just mail it but that is a two-day delay so we usually just pick it up.


  1. LOL That willow, what a gal. We all learn something new every day, don't we? Hope you get a nice sale for the calves.

  2. To me it means she's a very smart cow and a good mom!