Monday, September 27, 2010

This and That

It is a very cool, breezy morning here with almost a light rain falling.

I was able to mow the old strawberry bed very will till a row for the garlic, hopefully, later today.

I wandered out back to the Orchard Garden and took some pictures of the little trees that are looking very good. This is the Gloria peach tree,
From Orchard
The Trail of Tears beans caught my eye, so I picked a bowl full of them, stuffing them in various pockets.

I could see the llamas out back so drove out here to check them. Bette does not like the dog; note the flattened ears.

From September 2010

I managed to process 7 bags of apples for pies and cooked the peelings and cores for jelly. I want to pick up a gallon of fresh cider for the jelly today after the doctor appointment. I like to add a little for flavor to the jelly.

It is going to be an unseasonably cool night...down in the 40's.

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  1. Glenda ~ Your days are full and interesting to this girl down on the edge of the tropics. Your peach tree looks wonderful, and hearing about what you are doing with 7 bags of apples, has me sighing. You inspire me.

    Love your llamas.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady