Tuesday, January 10, 2012

25° this morning.  Up at 3:30 AM.  Made the first pot of coffee and started my day at the computer as always.  This is my favorite time of day.

Yesterday was one of those days I actually got done what I planned to do.  Milk, cut wood for kindling and make up the apple jelly.

Milking went well;  she  seemed a bit antsy but gave her normal amount.

Next we cut up a stack of limbs that DH had been accumulating for kindling.  It took about an hour to get our tools together and do the actual work.  Of course, we had a cat watching our every move.

One pile:

and a second pile.  This is all under the overhang of the barn roof so can just stay in place until we need it.

Late in the afternoon, I made the jelly and am happy to report it jelled well.  I made this the regular way using Sure Jell.  It called for 7 cups of juice so I opened a quart of canned juice from last fall and added to my fresh juice.  It may have been the largest batch of jelly I have ever made...used 9 cups of sugar.
I always keep my pantry stocked with lots of sugar just for  this kind of thing.

I also squeezed in finishing my 'loaned' Kindle PC book my sis sent.  If like historical fiction, this one won't disappoint!  It is Just Deceits by Michael Schein and is based on a true event.


  1. How pretty your apple jelly looks in the jars. I've made jelly a couple of times and I love the jewel-like sparkle they lend to the pantry.

    Good pile of kindling you've got. Have you used your woodburner much this winter?

  2. You have been busy ! And sounds like you got a lot done, I thought your jelly was so pretty ,I don't make much jelly,our plum trees died,but I like to make pear preserves,tho that's a little tricky ! Anyway I love the look of yours pretty !!! Blessings Jane

  3. I have a couple of gallon size bags of apple peels in the freezer that I need to make jelly with. Maybe this week. I feel inspired.
    Beautiful jars of jelly.

  4. Wow, Busy, Busy!
    I need to make some cinnamon apply jelly. I'm out and I love it, so if I want it, I had better do it.
    Have a very productive week, Glenda

  5. That is some gorgeous jelly. I can't wait till my fruit trees start bearing!

  6. Like Teresa, I've got several bags of cores & peelings that I need to make into apple jelly. Yours look beautiful & sparkly!!

  7. The apple jelly looks good. We planted a very few fruit trees last year, hoping they do well.

  8. Beautiful jelly and so is the cat! 3:30 a.m. and I thought I got up early! Do you also go to bed early at night? If not, that is a long day!

    The computer is also first on my morning to do list. Enjoy your Kindle.

  9. Well, you are certainly inspiring! 3:30 AM! I've been up at 4 before, but I was tired at 8pm that night. What time do you go to bed? We all want to know!! That jelly is beautiful, I should make some next fall--but I don't want to ruin my smooth top range with extended high temsp (anymore than I already have). My husband hates my electric stove. Maybe a gas one next time around?

    I'm not a farm gal, but I've been known to be a thrift sort... make jelly with cores and peelings? I guess it's just the juice one is after.

    I couldn't leave a comment on your previous post about the quilts, but the bottom quilt is the Bow Tie pattern. Pretty kitty!