Thursday, January 5, 2012

We finally had a really nice day; lots of sunshine and no wind. 
I think it finally got up to 64°.  This is scary for the fruit trees......again.

I milked this morning.  I  got my usual 1.5 gallons.  She is loosing some hair on her tailhead, a good indication of lice.  I will treat her in the morning with a pour-on.

I decided to  take a walk back to the west side of the farm, or the 30 acres we retained from our previous place  that we now call  "the old farm".  We are clever with names that way.  I didn't plan to walk that far but I could see Bette and Marlene in the farthest northwest corner so Biscuit and I took off with the camera.

It took an hour.  Way longer than I was prepared to do but once you get back there, you have to get back!

I took  a few pictures of the llamas.  I was able to get within maybe 20 feet of them.  They stay back there because that farm was their original home and Tom still has llamas over there.

They are looking a little ragged this time of year.

The cows are scattered in several different fields.  I think I have finally convinced the helpmeet to run them all together now that we don't have heifers to worry about.  All the bulls will have to fight it out and develop a pecking order at some point.  I will save those pictures for another day.

I do have to show you Jewel though.  I tried to get pictures of her myself but she won't get away from you so it was not successful.  I made DH go into the pen this evening so I would shoot while she nibbled on him.

We ended the day by taking the ATV to Bolivar for a new battery...and they put it in while we waited!  That was a delightful first.

I have a pot of beans cooked and will be making cole slaw and cornbread this evening.  I didn't have them ready by noon so we just had tuna salad sandwiches.


  1. Jewel is really a "jewel".
    It got to 66* here today. Very warm and something to worry about, especially a blizzard that could come. I do enjoy the warmth, makes me want to garden, but its only an illusion at this time.
    I have been working on the cast iron, had some bread in the oven, so I popped the two skillets in with it to season.
    Tuna salad sounds good, so does a salad.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. We were also warm here......sooooo close to 70, but just hit 69 degrees. I was out in the garden, just kicking things around, but man did I have the urge to PLANT SOMETHING!!!

    Nice pics of the llamas & Jewel. I can't get a cow or llama, so I just have to look at yers!

  3. I love this warmer weather, but I know it's too warm for this time of year though. A pot of beans and cornbread sounds good! Good photos of Jewel and the llamas. We don't have any farm animals so I enjoy seeing yours and reading about your life in the country.

  4. The llamas are looking good. Hope they chased off the coyotes from the calves last spring and you didn't loose any. Jewel is so friendly. So different from contrary Willow. Hope she makes a good milk cow for you.

  5. These mild days are wrecking havoc with the plants, will be hard on them when we get down to the teens... we know it's coming. My jonquils are up 4" in the front yard, uh-oh. Jewel is so sweet! So the llamas keep coyotes away? Didn't know that either, I'm telling you... it's a learning experience every time I visit! I you hear a lot of hollering and cheering, it's us down here in Arkansas IF we win the Cotton Bowl tonight! Have a good weekend Glenda...

  6. Pretty Jewel, indeed. :) And I love the photo of your home and property at the very top (the new banner photo). Your home is one of my dream homes. :)

  7. When my husband and I lived on his parent's farm, it was summer and he was out in a field east of the house. I thought I'd be a good wife and take some ice tea out to him. I grabbed a glass, a pitcher of ice tea, and started walking out to meet him. Well, he was further out that it first appeared, and the further I walked, the thirstier I got. It wasn't long and I was drinking the ice tea! Next time, I jumped in the Jeep and DROVE out there.