Saturday, January 7, 2012

We had another mild night.  I was up at 3:45AM and it was 39° and today is supposed to be a little cooler than yesterday in the mid 50's.  DH will be clipping a pasture so I hope it is mild.

Yesterday was soap-making day for me.  I could buy some expensive supplies and make a nicer soap but I do this to use up fats I have, except for buying the generic olive oil and coconut oil.  This one was made with olive oil, beef tallow (home rendered), and  coconut oil, lye and water.  I usually make small batches, but I have given so much away we were almost out so I decided to make a much larger batch.  This one was 80 ounces.  I was worried how this would trace, but it did very quickly and I didn't see any more difficulty than making the 40 ounce batch.  I used the last of my essential oils, lavender and rosemary.  I wouldn't have to add fragrances but I do love the smell.
I let this cure overnight in the dark covered with a bath towel and this morning I cut the bars. This is for home use or family so I don't get anal about the accuracy in cutting.

I think I ended up with 25 bars.
It is still a cream color but may change as it cures for 6 weeks.  My beef tallow is very yellow.

We had ordered two more cords of wood from a neighbor and he brought part of  it yesterday afternoon. The other cord is coming today.  Now I need to cut up some limbs for kindling and I found several good spots on my walk to the old farm.

I hope to do some garden cleanup work today....the corn end is still waiting for attention.


  1. Your soap looks wonderful. The husband is going to render his beef tallow next week for our first soap making. We are going to make Pine Tar soap. He has delayed pressure hives and that is one type that seems to help them.
    Can you tell me where you buy coconut oil? He was thinking of using vegetable oil.
    Enjoy your weather, I am headed to Lake Ozark for the outlet mall.

  2. Beautiful soap Glenda, at first I thought it was fudge! My mind goes that direction, you know! I imagine since it's made with tallow it's very moisturizing? Mild days here lately, but I think colder weather is on the way...

  3. Homemade soap is amazing..I would love to find a local source for tallow.

  4. I am going to try the soap. I finally found a source for the lye is small amounts which won't get the feds here in a twist. Its a pain when you are located in an area where there are a ton a meth labs.
    I am not sure, but have you ever posted your recipe for the 40 oz batch of soap? Your soap looks awesome.
    Have a great weekend, Glenda.

  5. I count 29 bars. Like Joycee, I thought 'ooh, vanilla fudge' at first. *grin*

    What a nice looking load of firewood! Last winter it stated snowing and freezing December 1st. This year - just a rainy December and only 2" of snow so far. This is hardly a winter. Most days above freezing so I'm not burning many fires this year.

  6. I was just reading today's posts from my blog subscriptions -- came across this one and, because of your recent experimenting with coconut oil, thought I'd pass it along to you.

  7. So this tallow does not make the soap greasy, and leave a greasy residue? It is cool looking. I prefer my fudge a dark chocolate color, though. ;)