Friday, January 6, 2012

Up at 4 AM, 43°.   The weathermen keep talking about how unusual but then they show the highs and lows and guess what?  We have had hotter January 6's and much colder too.

I will continue my Tour of the Old Farm this morning.  This is a 30 acre parcel we kept when we sold the 40 acre farm to our neighbor girl (the one who watches things for us when we need her).  It consists of a hay field of maybe 20 acres and two separate patches of woods, one a fenced 7 acres where I found the llamas yesterday.

This is the entrance to the 7 acres.  I told DH he needs to get in there and clip it all down very short before grass starts growing.  In very dry years, the locust and cedars sprout thickly and must be removed or you lose the land. 

There is about 2 acres of woods in this field. 
I saw the largest cedar tree in the edge of the woods, maybe 36 inches diameter.

There was a lot of stockpiled grass in here; I don't know why the cows weren't all over it.  DH went back later and moved some into the field.  He plans to clip it today. 

I found this huge hole something had dug into the middle of the larger field.  It was about 24 inches x 36 inches.  We have these in several places and have no idea what does it. 


  1. I was wondering if maybe Badgers were digging the holes, but they don't go into the ground further, correct? Mystery to me also.

  2. Those cedars can get out of hand up here in NE also. I've seen fields just overrun with them.

  3. I've got a big hole in my wading pool planter where I grow my sweet potatoes. I blamed it on dogs but Hubs said it looked like the holes deer dig and that maybe they were trying to get sweet potato roots. I never knew deer dug holes.

    This warm weather IS going to be a problem with tree, bush and perennial dormancy. And on top of that we're having another period of drought! Yesterday we went around and watered all the trees and bushes that we spent so much time keeping watered last summer. We've had to water the newly planted stuff about three times so far. Sheesh.

    What nice land you have. Do you have ATV's? Most people around here use those to get around the place in. Some people use golf carts, too. We just walk. It's The RockWhisperer exercise plan.