Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another good night's sleep!  The only difference is I quit taking Clariton at night.  Wonder if that is the culprit.

I have turned over a new leaf for 2012.  I am going outside to help with chores each morning instead of just my milking mornings....I don't do much but I like getting out of the slug mode.

This morning I rolled the trash out to the street/road.  I turned the chickens out.

Here is one of the Americana hens showing her very fluffy dark muff.  They are much more flighty than the others so it is hard to catch them still for a photo.

We moved a light into the henhouse a few days ago just for really cold weather.

I heard the cattle mooing and saw DH had most of the herd in the barn lot.  We wanted to see if we had anything we would select for beef..I found another 'barren' heifer!  I am having our vet sleeve her tomorrow morning before we do another 90-day feeding fiasco.
I took a few pictures....all black cows are not the best subjects for group shots.

Remember, Annabelle,  Willow's baby that we bought with her....She is still a very pretty girl and not as distant as her Mother!


  1. I'm glad you posted cow pictures.....makes my wanting for a cow a little less urgent when I can see other farm photos! I may even start naming them in the photos. Although I suppose it won't help much when I'm wanting beef in the freezer and there's only a picture of it, hugh?

    1. Kind of like our feeding a pregnant heifer....I canceled our beef butchering today. I told them I may become a retail customer for a while (I hope not at today's prices).

  2. Oh how I wish I could get fresh beef here! It has gotten so out of sight.
    I am still on the lookout for someone who has beef for sale to the general public. I was clued in on someone and so sometime this week, I am going to make a contact and see.
    Boy, Annabelle is gorgous. Are you going to milk her too. Lucky you.
    I cannot take Clariton, period. It makes me buzz around too much, I am sure that is what was going on with your sleep patterns. I am going to try you soap when we get a few days of "warmer" weather. I am out of goat milk soap and my skin is suffering from it. I'll keep you posted how it turns out. Ilene's soap looked good to me. We just all have to practice, huh.
    Have a wonderful week
    Have a wonderful week,

    1. I could milk Annabelle; she has already had a calf but I really don't need more milk. I hope the new Jersey baby will work out. I want more cream so I can make butter. Of course that is about 18 months out!

      I need to buy some goats milk too. I think I like it better than cow's milk soap.

  3. That cow is so pretty,her colors just stand out,is the color called pie bald? Whatever she sure is pretty! I am so glad spring is just around the corner,I am also tired of staying inside so much, Blessings Jane

  4. I don't know the proper term,maybe roan?

    I have roses sprouting...way too soon.

  5. I love your pics of the livestock. I hope you have good luck finding a 'barren' heifer for meat. Did the little calf from the other heifer make it? Bet you're happy that the barnyard there is a hard surface instead of dirt/mud. Must keep things a bit cleaner that way. And I'll bet NO ONE would EVER accuse you of 'slug mode'. LOL You're always so busy!