Wednesday, January 25, 2012

P.S. Blog No. 2

We are getting some rain at last....can't tell you how rain gauge seems to have a hairline crack...when I told DH, he commented  that we can't seem to keep a rain gauge...the dog ate one.

I am going to try a bead of glue  to this one.

I may have spoken too soon....I was up at 3 AM again.

I have a chicken on to boil for pot pie and am making the yellow sponge cake to use up the yolks from the white cake on Sunday.  I just had 6 yolks and it calls for 12 so I tossed in a couple of whole eggs.  Be interesting to see how this one turns out.

This is just a short  post to answer some  queries about the heifer baby born from our beef heifer....I didn't post it yesterday because Icaught it in a most unattractive mode.  But, what the heck, this is life on the farm.
I am not concerned because  the poop is yellow, not green....I will keep a close eye on  it though.

And this is it with the mama directly in front and that is Willow's other daughter, Ginger, who had a calf this spring. Ginger is the slightly reddish one  with the  ear tag showing.


  1. If you get your electricity from an Electric Cooperative they usually have rain gauges free, at least the one I work for gives them out. Just ask them!

  2. What an adorable baby! I love it when we get angus/holstein crosses...they are just adorable. We can't seem to keep rain gauges either...this fall we forgot to turn it upside down before it froze, but I can't say our dog ever ate one! :) She's eaten lots of other things, but...

  3. As long as I remember to bring in (or turn over) the rain gauge when temps dip below freezing, the gauge is good, else it cracks from the ice. I've used silicone caulk on split ones with good success. Unfortunately I've actually had to USE the rain gauge all this January. More precip on the way, too.

    So good to see the little heifer out and about. Hope the poop isn't an issue. Have you named her "Surprise" yet? *grin*

  4. Ha, Ha, the dog ate your rain gauge, not your homework. lol
    Adorable baby. When I worked at the vet clinic, during spring it was a busy time there with babies being brought in. I used to take my mom with me when I did kennels, and with her never being on a farm, she would freak out at all of the sprawling babies we had laying around under heat lamps, and they looked pretty tough, then, given a few hours of rest, rehydration, and warmth, they were up and jumping around the holding room. My mom didn't believe me when I told her that they would be fine in a little while. She thought all of them were dead.

  5. No luck with rain gauges here either! I love the baby,so cute,but all of the cattle look pretty to me,I envy you living on a farm,always lot's to keep you busy! Blessings Jane

  6. OMG, I haven't been able to comment on your blog despite trying for I don't know how long. Can't get a comment box to come up . . . at least not until just now.

    Love the looks of your cows (cattle? I don't know the correct terminology, so sorry). Anyway I'm partial to black . . . dogs, chickens, cows.

    We made the mistake of leaving our rain gauge out a year ago last fall and the little bit of water in it cracked the tube. Who knew that would happen? Got a new one but took the tube inside this fall so we didn't have a repeat. 'Course, we don't get much rain in the winter up here in NE Minnesota.

    Hoping I can keep commenting on your blog now. Fingers crossed!

  7. I wish I knew the answer to the comment issue.

    Thanks for visiting.

    I will not leave out a gauge again. We just got a nice rain overnight....will be checking some outside buckets to see just how much. We welcome all the moisture we can get this time of year and I would rather it be rain than snow!